How to Get Popular Movies and Shows Before They Hit the Cinemas

How to Get Popular Movies and Shows Before They Hit the Cinemas

Do you ever wonder how certain movies and shows get popular before they even hit the cinemas? It’s because the makers release the trailers on all the social media platforms, expertly designed and edited to leave the audience on the edge of their seats, curious and excited to watch the movie. So how do you get your hands on the titles that are yet to be released in the theaters? Here are some ways to get popular movies and shows before they hit the cinemas. you can watch it before it hits the theaters;

  1. Watch Popular Trailers Online

Watch out all the trailers released, make sure you will love the actors playing the roles and the general storyline if you decide to watch the movie; if you think it’s a farfetched story or a boring one, you might want to wait for the reviews on the same. Some significant studios release these fun previews for their films well before the movie comes out. However, it’s never a good idea to watch a movie or show based solely on the fact you saw its trailers – this may lead to some confusion about what exactly happens later on.

  1. Join an Advanced Movie Screening

Advanced screening: advanced movie screening is a form of free movie screening in which movie studios in Hollywood or elsewhere in the United States offer free screenings for this specific purpose. Companies host these to give out advanced sneak previews of their movies to get negative opinions before the general public sees them. Want to see a movie before it hits theatres but doesn’t want to risk the wait? Most major motion pictures offer advance screenings of their films to get feedback and reviews from focus groups, critics, or even average viewers like yourself. You can sign up for these free events through various websites on the internet!

  1. Use Torrent to Download Movies

Many sites have floods for recent films, although they may not be legal. You can go to these sites and download the movie you want, and watch it. If the movie is popular enough, this might be an excellent way to guarantee that your computer doesn’t get a virus from downloading something terrible. However, we recommend you only do this if you use a virtual private network (VPN) to keep your identity hidden and access torrents safely. Or visit  that provides safe and free torrent downloads.

  1. Network with film students

Another great way to get in on 0the ground floor of movie releases is by hooking up with local film students! Even if you don’t want to take classes, getting involved more personally with young film enthusiasts can benefit you greatly. You never know when they might be working on their low-budget projects and need some help from an experienced outsider – or even better, when they’re finally ready to screen their masterpiece for the public and want your feedback before sending it out into the real world! Many of these students will be given media kits by studios looking for potential new customers – use that opportunity to network and build connections.

  1. Get subscribed

  • Join a free trial of Netflix and Hulu: Are you looking for a way to watch your favorite upcoming movies and shows? Well, we have some excellent news for you! You can now join free trials of both Netflix and Hulu through Both of these streaming services will allow you to catch the most popular movies and TV shows before they even hit theaters. Get an inside look at the funniest moments and must-see scenes before they make their big debut!
  • Download the show on iTunes before it comes out: Have you ever wanted to find out the name of a movie or show before it’s released? If so, then you’re in luck! movie buff has partnered with iTunes, and they are offering up all the hottest new titles on this service. So, what are you waiting for? You can download your favourite upcoming shows right now, but hurry because this deal won’t last forever!
  • Buy them on Amazon: Who doesn’t love products that are sold at a great price? And, if you’re looking for some hot upcoming movies or shows, then check out Amazon today! They have tons of options for you, so make sure to go online and look through all the titles they have to offer.
  1. Keep an eye out for online screenings:

While most filmmakers will rarely give away screener copies of their films, some might choose to offer them via video-on-demand sites like Vimeo or YouTube – if only for a short time. If you’re lucky enough to catch one of these free premieres early enough, it could be the difference between seeing the film on opening night or waiting until it hits your local theater! These screenings will often be accompanied by live chats and Q&As and would provide an excellent opportunity to have your questions answered by the director himself. It’s a great way to get insider knowledge about making a movie from those who know what went on.


you can be the first to watch your favorite stars’ latest to-be hits. Make sure your movie radar is on high alert to watch movies free and first.


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