How to Create a Heart Out of a Gum Wrapper?

How to Create a Heart Out of a Gum Wrapper

Making a handmade paper heart and delivering it to a friend or your crush is the sweetest thing ever. Moreover, for this paper crafting, you need something that you can carry in your pocket. For instance, a gum wrapper may be used to form a heart. Well, this unconventional and imaginative endeavor not only provides a creative outlet but also repurposed materials that can be reused.

As a result, this activity contributes to saving the environment by managing the waste of gum paper. Want to learn how to make hearts from gum paper? If yes, then read this post thoroughly to learn the step-by-step process of making a heart from gum paper. Which turns into a symbol of love and creativity from discarded items.

Required Material to Make A Heart

  1. Gum wrappers (collected from used chewing gum)
  2. A glue or double-sided tape
  3. Scissor
  4. Pencil
  5. Cardboard or paper (for the base)
  6. Markers or colored pencils (optional for decoration)

Step 1: Collect Gum Wrappers

The first step to creating a heart from gum wrappers is to collect some gum wrappers. For this, you can encourage your friends, family, or colleagues to save their used gum wrappers for your project. Make sure the wrappers are clean and dry. Before using them, remove any unwanted residue from them to get a fine shape of a heart.

Step 2: Prepare the Base

The next step is to prepare a base for the heart. For this, cut a heart shape out of a piece of cardboard or thick paper to give your gum wrapper heart structure. Moreover, this will serve as the base for attaching the gum wrappers. The size of the heart can vary based on personal preference. Also, on the number of wrappers available.

Step 2 Prepare the Base

Step 3: Fold the Gum Wrappers

Further, carefully fold each gum wrapper in half lengthwise. To ensure that the design or color on the wrapper is visible on both sides. Additionally, repeat this process for all the collected wrappers. These folded wrappers will act as the building blocks of your heart.

Step 3 Fold the Gum Wrappers

Step 4: Create Strips

After folding the wrappers, cut them into strips of equal width. The width of the strips will determine the overall appearance of the heart. So, you can make it in different sizes to achieve the desired effect.

Step 4 Create Strips

Step 5: Attach Strips to the Base

Then use glue or double-sided tape to join the folded strips to the heart-shaped base.

Step 6: Complete the Heart

Continue attaching the folded strips until the entire heart shape is covered. Moreover, ensure that the wrappers are securely attached to the base. Adjust as necessary to maintain the desired heart shape. Once the heart is complete, allow the gum to dry completely.

Step 6 Complete the Heart

Step 7: Optional Decoration

To add a personal touch to the gum wrapper heart, you can use markers or colored pencils. This step is up to you to express your art. You can learn the optional decoration from this blog.

Wrapping Up

To wrap it up, crafting a heart from gum wrappers is a delightful and sustainable way to express creativity. Also, it promotes environmental consciousness by using used gum paper. Through this simple yet innovative project, you will transform the discarded materials into a symbol of affection.


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