Halabi Orthodontics: Braces for Beautiful Smiles

Halabi Orthodontics: Braces for Beautiful Smiles

In the world of Orthodontics, one can start their journey of a healthier smile with braces. However, with braces, your smile might be under construction, but your confidence is always at its point. These are the tried-and-true methods to correct misaligned teeth and bite issues and transform smiles on your face.

Embrace the transformative power of braces and embark on a journey to a lifetime of smiles. For more, contact the popular orthodontics of the USA- Halabi Orthodontics to schedule your consultation and take the first step toward the smile you have always wanted.

In this article, we have mentioned all the details of Halabi Orthodontics including its profile, treatments, appointments, social media presence, and what patients say about it. To know everything in depth, continue reading this article till the end so that you will not miss any information related to Dr. Halabi Orthodonicts and his teamwork.

How to Reach Halabi Orthodontics?

Well, to contact anyone, you must have their proper address and contact number. Here, we provide you with the location and other details of Dr. Halabi Orthodontics to make your search smooth. Read the below table carefully to learn the details in depth:

Full Name Halabi Orthodontics
Address 575 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY 11223
Country United States
Contact Number (718) 676-5000 (Current Patients) and

(347) 218-5603 (New Patients)

E-mail halabiortho@gmail.com
Official Website https://halabiorthodontics.com/


Here is the direct map link to reach Halabi Orthodontics:

Treatment Options at Halabi Orthodontics

1) Custom Treatment Plans

Halabi Orthodontics offers customized treatment plans tailored to patients of all ages with unique orthodontic needs. But before that, you need to make a diagnosis of your teeth at the given age limit so that you can design your braces accordingly.

2) Colorful Metal Braces

Well, if you are looking for colorful braces to add pop-up smiles, then choosing Halabi Orthodontics is the best decision you have ever made. They allow patients to showcase their personality and style by selecting their favorite colors or seasonal themes. This type of brace is popular among children, teenagers, and even adults who want to make their orthodontic treatment fun and expressive.

3) Clear Ceramic Braces

This is another type of orthodontic treatment for those who look for an alternative to traditional metal braces. Like traditional braces, they consist of brackets and wires that work together to straighten teeth and correct bite issues. However, these are made of a tooth-colored ceramic material instead of metal.

4) Invisalign for kids and teens

Halabi orthodontics respects the styles of kids and teenagers and designs hidden braces that won’t affect their personalities. So, you can rely on the best, Dr. Halabi orthodontics team, and their treatments.

5) Lingual Braces

They offer lingual braces like tardioanl ones but are placed on the back of the teeth so that they are less visible from the front.

6) Adult Braces

In this category, you will be provided with 4 types of braces- traditional metal, ceramic, lingual, and clear aligners.

7) Damon Braces

With Damon braces, you will get following benefits:

  • Faster treatment times
  • Broader smile arc and better facial balance
  • Increased comfort
  • Self-litigating (no need for elastics)
  • Better oral health (fewer trapped food particles and easier care for teeth)
  • Fewer in-office appointments
  • Stain-free brackets

Doctor Profile

Dr. Eli Halabi got his doctorate from University of Pennsylvania with top grades. Then doctor completed his training in one of the prestigious Children’s National Medical Center. Later, he became the member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon National Dental Honor Society. You can learn more about him on their official website.

Halabi Orthodontics

How to book an online appointment at Halabi Orthodontics?

This is the best part about Halabi Orthodontics patients can book their appointments online to meet experienced doctors. Here are the details you need to fill out in the online form:

  1. Open https://halabiorthodontics.com/ from your browser.
  2. Click on Book an appointment.
  3. An online form will be displaced, and to fill it out, enter your first and last name.
  4. Then give your e-mail and contact number.
  5. Next, choose Yes/No from the New Patient poll box.
  6. Select an offer from the given list.
  7. Then you need to describe your dental concern.
  8. At last, enter your preferred day and time.
  9. Once you complete the form, send it.

Social Media Presence

To learn more about Halabi Orthodontics, you can explore their Social media profiles, which are given in the table below:

S. No.  Platform Profile URL Followers
1. Instagram https://www.instagram.com/halabiortho/?hl=en 2336
2. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HalabiOrtho/ 582
3. YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@Halabiorthodontics 41
4. Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/eli-halabi-82213b27/ 10+


What Patients Say About Halabi Orthodontics: Reviews

Halabi Orthodontics got an overall 4.8/5 from 263 reviews of patients. Let’s look at the reviews given by patients:

  • “I just got my braces off, and I had a great experience with my orthodontist. I never had any issues, and my smile came out perfect. I wouldn’t recommend going anywhere else besides Dr. Halabi,” by Sam Kacmarik.
  • “I just finished my Invisalign treatment and couldn’t be happier! It was quick (12 months total). Dr. Halabi and his staff are very accommodating, fun, and precise. Wonderful experience all around” by Talking Jack.
  • “I just finished my treatment with Dr. Halabi, I have to say he was extremely professional and gave me all the time I needed. The staff was super helpful, and the atmosphere was amiable and inviting. I thought the process was going to be such a hassle, but it turned out to be such a breeze. Each appointment was always such a pleasure to come to. The office manager, Angela, was always there to assist me with any questions. I would most definitely recommend this office to anyone,” by Baila Davidowitz.

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, if you are looking for such teeth treatments then book your appointment right now for proper consultation from the expertise doctors at Halabi Orthodonitics, USA. Want to learn about various methods of dental marketing. Here is an article on top trends in DSO dental marketing for you. Stay tuned!


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