8 Rules to Follow for the Perfect Cup of Coffee!

Perfect Cup of Coffee

Making the perfect cup of coffee is easy. All you have to do is make coffee that is pleasing to your personal taste. While coffee brewing processes are different, there are several general guidelines to follow if you want to make a good cup of coffee.

Choose the right kind of coffee for you

The choice you make while buying coffee beans is important. Different beans have different flavor and taste profiles. Arabica and Robusta coffee beans are two of the most commonly consumed coffee variety.

Always use fresh coffee beans

Coffee tastes best when brewed within a couple of days of roasting. This means the older it gets the more of that flavor you lose. Which is why it is best to buy coffee that’s recently been roasted when it is at peak flavor and taste. You can choose to roast the coffee at home but that would take a lot of skill, time and money. The easiest way to get fresh coffee beans is by buying your batch from a local roaster.

Always use fresh coffee beans

Avoid purchasing roasted beans from supermarkets as they are exposed to light and oxygen and that takes away from the flavor of the beans. Check around for skilled coffee roasters who pack their coffee in sturdy vacuum sealed bags as this preserves the flavor and keeps the roast fresh.

Keep the coffee beans fresh 

You need to maintain the freshness of the roasted coffee beans by storing them properly in a tight sealed container.  the best storage containing options would be a glass canning jail or ceramic crock, both with rubber gasket seals to keep the air out completely. We strongly advice against storing the roasted coffee beans in the refrigerator as it can affect the quality of your coffee greatly.

Grind your own coffee beans

If you have the capacity to grind your own coffee, then it is a route you should definitely take. Ground coffee starts to lose its flavor almost immediately after the process. If you grind your coffee at home, you will be able to extract all flavor needed to get the perfect strong cup of coffee.

Grind your own coffee beans

However, you have to put in mind that grind consistency and size will affect the quality and taste of your coffee. Different brewing methods will require different coffee grind size. Some methods require a finer grind of coffee while others will need a courser one to produce the best cup of coffee. In this case, you will have to research on the type of grind for your coffee depending on the brewing methods you are going for. Super coffee blog can help you learn more about coffee and the best ways to brew them.

Use quality water

The type of eater you use is absolutely important in determining the quality of coffee you get. For example, tap water is full of chlorine which gives out a strong obvious smell. If used to make coffee, this will result to an alteration that will mess with the original smell and taste of your coffee.  For that perfect cup of coffee, you need bottled spring water.

Learn how to measure your coffee

The quality of coffee you get also relies on the amount of coffee you use. experts recommend one to two tablespoons of coffee for every six ounces of water you use. you can adjust the measurements to suit your individual preference and taste.

Brew the coffee at the right temperature

According to experts, the temperature for brewing the perfect cop of coffee lies between 195 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above that will produce a strong, bitter cup of coffee and if your temperature is below the 195 you may get an under-extracted cup of coffee with a low flavor profile. Basically, you need a thermometer to measure the temperature of your water when brewing coffee. If you have a coffee maker, you can use the temperature adjustment option to brew your coffee.

Keep track of the brewing time

Brewing time is the amount of time your coffee grounds are in contact with the water. This can affect the taste of your coffee greatly. The brewing time depends on the type of coffee you are going for. Some have longer brewing time for example a cold brewed coffee may take up to 24 hours while some have short brewing time like coffee press which only needs 30 seconds of contact with the water.

brew time

With that said, remember to drink coffee in moderation. Although coffee does have health benefits, it can cause health problems too when consumed too much. For one, according to this trustworthy dentist in Leominster, too much coffee can cause teeth staining and tooth decay in the long run.


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