What Happened to Mike in Sing 2?

What Happened to Mike in Sing 2?

After the success of Sing, a superhit animated movie, in 2016, Mike gained instant popularity. Mike The Mouse is an eye-catching character in the movie regardless of his greedy and arrogant nature. Mike’s huge fan following was due to his style, cuteness and big dreams.

After Sing 1, fans were eager to see Mike in Sing 2 as well. However, they got disappointed and had a number of questions in their minds after knowing the disappearance of Mike in Sing 2.

What happened to Mike in Sing 2 is a heated question. Different people kept different points of views and their own theories regarding the missing mouse. So, let’s find out the exact answer to this question. We hope you will surely read this article with full interest if you are a huge fan of Mike The Mouse.

What Happened to Mike in Sing 2?

There are a number of predictions regarding the disappearance of Mike in Sing 2 but not a single one has been proven yet. Some say that Mike was lost in Sing 2 due to his gambling habits while others believe that he didn’t fit into the storyline and was removed in part 2. Some people even said that Mike was eaten by bears. Well, this is not true at all.

Similarly, some people shared their views that Mike was gang-raped and died in Sing 1. They say that they have found a picture of gang-rape with Mike on the Google. We have recheared about it and checked the picture. We got to know that the picture was photoshopped. So, this claim is also false.

Although there are a number of claims regarding what happened to mouse in Sing 2, there isn’t an official announcement yet. Even the direction of the movie has not disclosed anything about the missing of this adorable and loving character.

Who is Mike from Sing?

If you have heard a lot about Mike from Sing but did not know much about this character, this point is just for you. So, Mike is a street musician in Sing who wanted just three things in his life that are money, fame and women. He is a greedy as well as arrogant character who thinks of himself as superior to others. Mike thinks that nobody else is better than him.

The funny part of this character is that he bought a luxury car before appearing in the singing competition thinking that he is going to win the competition and will get a lot of money as a prize. This shows how conceited he is.

Will Mike be Seen in Sing 3?

On seeing the disappointment of the fans and their love toward Mike, the director of the Sing 2, Garth Jennings, announced that he will consider bringing Mike back in Sing 3. So, if you are Mike’s fan, it is good news for you as you can see this charming character again.


Although the disappearance of Mike in Sing 2 is still a matter of debate, there are still high chances of getting this character back in Sing 3. Let’s hope for the best and see what will happen in the next part of the movie.

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Ques 1) When was Sing 2 released? 

Ans) Sing 2 was released on 22 December 2021.

Ques 2) What happened to Mike in Sing 2? 

Ans) There are a number of predictions regarding what happened to mouse in Sing 2 but nothing has been officially announced yet.

Ques 3) Who is the voiceover artist for Mike in Sing? 

Ans) Seth MacFarlane is Mike’s voiceover artist in Sing.


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