How Old Is Isabella In Encanto?


After watching the Encanto movie I thought if everyone is so keen to know the details of Isabella, why not should I research her and let others know about some interesting information?

That’s the reason why I wrote this blog. So, let’s delve deep into the information of Isabella Madrigal and know the answers to different questions.

How Old is Isabella in Encanto?

Isabella is in her 20s. The age of this young character is just 21 years.

Isabella is the first born child of Madrigal’s Family and granddaughter of Alma. Although she is the oldest child in the family, she is not too old.

Her mother and father are Julieta and Agustin and she is the eldest daughter of her parents. Lusia and Mirabel are her siblings who are younger than her.

Who is Isabella?

Encanto was such a superhit movie, I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t watched it yet. I watched this movie with a group of my friends and noticed that everyone was excited to know about the age of the different characters in Encanto.

However, the high level of curiosity was to know the age of Isabella in Encanto. Not only was everyone excited to know her age, but my friends and everyone else in the movie theater had a lot of questions in their minds about this particular character.

What Is the Height of Isabella Madrigal?

Is she short or tall? What is the height of Isabella? This is another question that pops up in the mind while watching the movie. So, the height of Isabella Madrigal is 5’3’’ which is around 125 lbs or 63 inches or 160.02 cm

Isabella Madrigal Physical Appearance

Isabella is a young character in Encanto who has a dark complexion and long shiny black hair. She used to tie a pink flower on the left side of her hair. If we see into her eyes, we can see hazel-colored lenses. Well, she has a little black mark on her left cheek, which looks incredible on her facial structure. In the ears, she loves to wear diamond earrings which enhance her beauty.

She looks somehow similar to her grandmother Abuela Alma just with slight differences in the complexion and structure of her face. She used to wear dresses of different colors but her favorite dress is the one in lavender with the matching colored flower on her head. Apart from her head, she also has flowers on her dress and the name of the flowers is ‘may lilies or ‘may flowers’.

Isabella Magical Powers

Just like other members of the Madrigal family, Isabella Madrigal also has some special magical powers and abilities. Her unique ability is that she can manipulate and grow flowers. What is unbelievable is that she can grow plants just by thinking about them. This shows that she has good control over her magical abilities. In the movie, she could be seen growing symmetrical and alluring flowers such as roses. She can bloom and manipulate flowers by waving her hands, twirling her feet and flicking her hair. To your no surprise, she can also grow exotic species of flowers as well.

Isabella Madrigal Voice Over Artist

Everyone was amazed by the dubbing of the character. They were so keen to know about the voice-over artist for Isabella Madrigal. So, I took this responsibility on myself to let everyone know about the voiceover artist for the character of Isabella Madrigal in Encanto. Well, the voiceover artist of the character Diane Guerrero. She has done this role perfectly because nobody can identify whether the voice is real or dubbed.

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I hope you have got answers to every question that you wanted to know about this character. If you have not watched this movie yet and don’t know anything about this article, you might be convinced to watch this movie after reading this blog. For sure, getting details of the character before watching the movie will make the movie time more enjoyable and interesting.


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