Mirabel Madrigal Age, Height, Personality and More

How Old Is Mirabel in Encanto

How Old Is Mirabel in Encanto?

15 years old, just a bit younger than Camilo (her cousin in the movie), Bush states. Mirabel Madrigal is a character in Encanto, a well-known Disney animated feature film released in 2021. She belongs to the Madrigal family in the film. She is the youngest daughter of Julieta and Augustin.

Stephanie Beatriz, a 42-year-old (As of February 2023) American actress, plays the voice role of Mirabel in the Encanto movie. However, Mirabel is the only character in the family without magical powers, but she can still restore the magic and rebuild the Casita when the miracle is endangered.

Continue reading this post to learn How old is Mirabel in Encanto? including her physical appearance, personality, powers, abilities, and so on.

Profile Information

Full Name Mirabel Valentina Rojas Madrigal
Date of Birth 6th of March
Age 15 years
Gender Female
Height 5’2’’
Voice Character Stephanie Beatriz
Magical Powers Not having any powers or abilities
Movie Disney’s Encanto (released in 2021)
Mother Name Julieta Madrigal
Father Name Augustin Madrigal


Let’s delve into deep information about the Mirabel Madrigal character.

How old is Mirabel Madrigal? AKA Mirabel Madrigal Age

Want to know how old Mirabel is in Encanto? If so, then let’s tell you that she was born on the 6th of March in an enchanted village in Colombia. In Encanto, she belongs to the people with magical powers, Madrigals. She is three months younger than her cousin, Camilo Madrigal, who was born on the 28th of December.

Physical Appearance

Mirabel is a teenage 5’2’’ tall girl from a Colombian family who has dark brown, curly hair that reaches her chin. Her eye color is golden brown, and she wears spherical lime green-framed glasses. She wears blue pompom earrings as well. Based on 19th-century Andean clothes, Mirabel’s wardrobe has a DIY(do-it-yourself) aesthetic that reflects her personality and connects to the film’s locale.

In the film, she wears a white shirt in the typical Andean style, trimmed in black, with multicolored embroidery such as flowers, butterflies, and a rainbow. She also wears a beautiful, ankle-length embroidered skirt in the Colombian style, decorated with stitched images of her family. At night, she wears a white nightgown with a green ribbon at the neckline.


Being devoid of magical abilities, unlike her family, Mirabel is optimistic, free-spirited, and open-minded. However, she also has a little insecure personality due to the lack of magical powers in the film. When the Casita breaks, she shows her bravery to rescue Casa Madrigal and the magical world of Encanto. She enjoys problem-solving and actively seeks out friendships, particularly with members of her own family. Mirabel is gregarious and willing to lend a hand to her family. Her beauty radiates from the inside out, which makes her very unique.

Mirabel’s Powers and abilities

Did Mirabel get a gift at her ceremony? Is there any power that Mirabel has? The answer is no; unlike her family, Mirabel has no magical powers or abilities.

However, she can speak with Casita, something that the other members of her family do not. At the end of the film, when Casita breaks, she saves her family bravely by restoring the magical powers and bringing the casita to life. In this way, she became a new source of affection for her family.

Besides this, Mirabel has shown great ability in other areas too. Above all, she is an accomplished seamstress and needleworker; she used a lot of embroidery to embellish her clothing. She also gives Antonio a stuffed jaguar that she created herself. Mirabel can catch and carry many ceramic dishes with her rapid reactions.

She can race across Casita’s rooftops, swing across a vast abyss, and keep up with Isabela when the latter is growing gigantic plants at a rapid pace. Mirabel is also a proficient accordion player, to the point where the local musicians approach her. Throughout the movie, Mirabel learns that she is also quite skilled at persuading her family members to confide in her.

List of Some Facts about Mirabel Madrigal in Encanto Movie

  1. Mirabel Valentina Rojas Madrigal is the full name of Mirabel.
  2. She is the first female who wears glasses in the Disney animated movie.
  3. In the list of characters who wear all the time glasses, she stands out in the fourth position.
  4. At the beginning of production, her original name was supposed to be Mariana.
  5. Mirabel’s birthday is the 6th of March, which illustrates that her zodiac sign is Pisces.
  6. The reason why she is the only one in the family with no magical powers is still unexplained by the directors.
  7. When she is nervous, her hands get sweaty.
  8. She is good at playing the accordion.
  9. The stitched icons of family images on her skirt represent her love for family, and she also wants to attract people through her embroidered clothing style.

Wrapping Up

To wrap it up, the above essay provides you with complete information about Mirabel Madrigal, a beloved female character in Disney’s Encanto film. Even without magical powers, she gains popularity with her abilities.


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