Omega Planet Ocean: The Best Watch for Men


For a watchmaker that made history with its Moon Watch, Omega has a particularly impressive collection of open-topped chronographs. But our pick for the best watch of the year is the 2015 Planet Ocean (pictured at top), and it’s made with the quintessential Omega design ethos: reliable, solid, reasonably inexpensive, and sturdy. That’s the very definition of “good time.”

It’s the only high-end Omega that uses an automatic movement instead of the company’s signature Moonphase complication. For the typical modern-day watch guy, the Planet Ocean is a no-brainer, with a more practical, durable look and a good vintage look to the dial. The new one is available in 42 and 40 millimeter sizes, the case thickness is 46 millimeters and the case material is stainless steel.

The Best Watches for Men

The best watches for men out there, not in the super-expensive and hyper-technical space

In 2018, the Omega Planet Ocean reentered the consciousness of the watch world.

Most people, however, will know it as the watch Tom Cruise wore in the movie Risky Business.

It’s had a long and fascinating life since it first debuted in 1972.

Fittingly for a watch from Omega, this makes it a remarkable, if somewhat eccentric, modern classic of a watch.

The Planet Ocean’s history goes back to the heart of the Space Race between America and the USSR, with an unlikely poster child for ‘The U.S.S.R.’ in Hollywood—a then-teenager, without even a driver’s license, called Dustin Hoffman.

This was Hoffman’s first movie.

Omega Planet Ocean

There’s no question that the space age has been the theme of our summer 2017 watch list, and the most advanced and boldest watch on this list has got to be the omega planet ocean.

What’s so bold about the Planet Ocean is its shape. It’s unlike anything Omega has ever made, and that’s because of its flying saucer-like appearance. No, this isn’t some crazy sci-fi type of watch, but an inspired addition to the Planet Ocean series. As an all-around chronograph, the Omega Planet Ocean is an excellent buy in the latest 2017 watch series.

Omega Omega No 59

The Omega Omega No 59 is an unusual choice for a watch. It doesn’t get a very hard time, but it is a very interesting watch nonetheless.

The Design & Style

The prices of watches were significantly lowered this year, in terms of both cost and the number of models that have entered the market. This drop in price can be primarily attributed to the launches of two very reputable brands, however, there are other factors at play as well.

Vacheron Constantin is currently offering their new line of Classic Custom mechanical watches for $3,400. The watches come in a variety of different metals, finishes, and dial patterns. The chronograph models are the most expensive and feature a Swiss ETA 2824-2 calibre. The CZ485-03 is based on a 1940s Submariner.

Omega’s customized watches can range from $3,000 to $5,000, but not all of them are so expensive.

The Movement

How Well Does It Perform?

Should You Buy It?

Get ready to encounter a bit of disappointment with Omega’s Planet Ocean line. While some of the watches appear remarkably similar, they are actually wildly different from each other, and a result, from everything that made them great.

The watches were stunning designs. They were minimal, highly functional, and a great way to make a statement in any setting. But it appears that Omega, after years of essentially selling the same watch over and over, has finally lost its way.

Not too long ago, the original Omega Moonwatch line was launched, and each had a unique, unique, unique movement.

The Price

The list of big, expensive, unabashedly lustworthy mechanical watches comes down to just two: the $85,000 Breitling Heritage Calendar and the $98,000 Rolex Day-Date. That’s not bad, considering that they look more like computer mice than wristwatches.

Except for the most serious aficionados, most watch lovers are likely to dismiss these brands like George Washington reviewing the menu at The Algonquin. “I’ll have the ham.”

It’s rare that I don’t recommend a watch for a guy (male or female). But here’s the thing: It’s rarely that simple. If the gentleman on your list is a technophile and he’s got a hankering for watchmaking, there are great watches out there for $1,000 and under that would be a real gift.


The world of watchmaking is full of surprises. There is no such thing as a completely predictable event. The first batch of Apple Watches were already designed before the original Apple Watch went on sale. But while these were a bit “ugly” by the standard of luxury watches, they still look great for their price range. We’ve had a few renditions in the media, and some people even love these Apple watches. Although it’s true that the UI of these smartwatches are not quite there yet, but they’re not impossible to use.

And, they also provide more than they should. If you have an iPhone 6s or 6 or newer model, you can control almost everything from your watch. You can use the Glances, which are functional but not too much fun to use. You can use Siri, or make your own voice commands.


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