Kumara Parvatha – A Unbroken Trek in Bangalore

Kumara Parvatha Trek

I unbroken, telling Sv that Kumara Parvatha Trek may be a tight trek, which will take a look at one’s strength. I am unbroken by this because of the final trek. I left the design to Meiyappan. The trekking season simply got over once he checked the initial time with the forest workplace. So, we waited. Finally, we tend to be determined to try and do this on Christmas/New Year vacation time as we tend to do within the past continually. Fastened the dates as deed Sabbatum night, the twenty-second Dec, climb the Sunday morning until Bhattara Mane, eat lunch and camp early. Climb the height early weekday morning, descend and eat brunch at Bhattara Mane once more and descend to base. That was the arrangement done for Kumara Parvatha Trek.

We proclaimed the attempt to cluster family trekkers around two months before the date. We tend to additionally announce to the oldsters WHO did the united kingdom trek. The commitment I asked was two hours of moderate to intense exercise per week, a minimum of half a dozen weeks until the event. Focus a lot on extensor and core muscles.


I like a touch of rough expertise with nature once it involves trekking. So, I used to be against booking an area to bathe. Still, Sv insisted that we tend to book the rooms as girls might not be comfy. Meiappan engaged the food at Bhattara Mane. I attempted to convince the cluster that we do not want tents. However, later I united for tents for under ladies and kids. Then everybody needed the tent’s expertise. We tend to determine that solely robust men can carry the tents, and therefore the rest ought to take water, bags, and additional garments on their own. We tend to rent out sleeping baggage to satisfy the missing numbers additionally. the remainder of the instrumentality list was necessary.

The travel

The bus arrived a touch late. However, it was among an acceptable time-frame. We tend to reach Kukke Subramanya at 5:45 AM. Checked into the edifice and arranged to end everything and investigate by 9:30 AM and begin the trek. Amazingly, we tend to be all able to checkout by 7:30 AM. Several of us took time to come from the temple and therefore took additional time. Putta started negotiating with the driver and inquired with the traffic police regarding the likelihood of taking the bus until the beginning of the path. Finally, we tend to board the bus and proceed towards the beginning of the track. Later, we tend to come to grasp that the road was blocked for buses. So, we tend to head back to the temple parking once more. We tend to pack up sleeping baggage and tents. We tend to accomplish that one bag that I borrowed from Arun was missing. we tend to left the parking

The trek

All the youngsters aside from Gautham and Kushal carried the stuff that embraces sleeping baggage (most of them), water and any further garments or jackets, flashlights, aid kit, etc.

We walked for about one.5 kilometer and reached the beginning of the path. We tend to take a bunch of photographs that could not cowl everybody.

A dense forest greeted us. Walked in complete shade and dirt path with heaps of tree roots crisscrossing the trail.

We walked briskly. The front was a crystal rectifier mainly by a bunch of youngsters guarded by one among the adults all the time. i attempted to hide finish to finish clicking photos, although I’d eventually lose the foremost front and most behind the cluster.

As we tend to approach Bhattara Mane, regarding one kilometer before, we tend to be on the brink of exit the forest and are available below the direct sun. There we tend to regroup the first few packs, Greek deity some snacks largely lady ready by Sv and potato chips (leftover from my feeding within the edifice within the morning) brought by Meis.

Soon, Ram crystal rectifier, the restless youngsters to Bhattara Mane, our lunch stop, and stop for the day. The initial cluster would have reached around twelve noon tides. They left their backpacks at the Mane and retraced the path to greet the . I used to be somewhere within the middle pack, walking with Vaibhav. They reached Mane at 12:20 PM.

We waited for Meis to bring the tail of the cluster. He had ordered lunch in his name, and therefore the host needed to check everybody before we tend to begin feeding. Most of the food was over aside from Pakistani monetary unit Saru (rice with sambar). The Cervus unicolor had some potatoes that I fished out. No alternative vegetables were found. We tend to be hungry. So, we tend to like all Greek deities. Most folks had buttermilk too. I showered within the water that was

Some of the  took naps here once more. I additionally brushed for regarding [*fr1] associate hour. Youngsters were taking part all the time. By evening, we tend to head to the primary read purpose close to the forest workplace.

We headed back to the camp web site before dark. Meis had requested to be associated with early dinner. Putta associated with Chidu was negotiating with the forest officer (Abhinash) for an early begin at four AM. He united for 4:30 AM beginning “unofficially” at our polite request with a warning that we tend to stay along as a cluster all the time and not build noises within the dark. We intended to urge a glimpse from the height at sunrise. We tend to give our names, contact numbers, and ID card details.

Rajesh, Kalpana, and Vaibhav selected to remain back because it would be risky to ascend five.2 kilometer and so descend the entire eight.5-kilometer constant day. Their staying back additionally simplified our supply of beginning within the morning as we tend to not have to stress regarding deed any item behind. We tend to plan to rouse and leave simply. No plans of morning duties – no brushing or bathroom unless desperately needed. We tend to cram water within the night itself already.

We had dinner and prepared to sleep. It was close to the phase of the moon night. However, the sky wasn’t clear enough. Meiappan was foiled at not seeing the celebrities. We tend to manage the tent allocation despite one missing tent. Most folks slept nicely. Sv and that i determined to sleep outside with sleeping baggage. It was not cold. It was pleasant. People who required to use the toilet visited the forest workplace before the gang aroused from sleep. We tend to all helped one another to urge prepared by 4:30 AM with a touch of shouting and pushing. We tend to arouse from sleep the forest officer and got the fee receipt. Baggage was checked for plastic. We tend to all have rebel bottles and boxes for snacks. So, we tend to did not have to pay any deposit which individuals collect once transfer back the plastics on the come. He additionally gave 3 “Clean Mountain” baggage to gather any plastics on the manner. We tend to need ne’er to use them because the path was clean.

My estimate for the height was regarding two to two and a [*fr1] hours at the brisk hike. We tend to be already 4:45 AM by the time the forest officer does the making known. We tend to have enough flash light-weights besides the close to phase of the moonlight. We tend to have still to watch out with the steps because the rocks on the manner weren’t that visible. I used to be driving the pace from behind. Kayal had a slight fever, and he or she had continuous nightmares in her sleep. She was doing smart ab initio, however, slowly started deterioration. I asked Meiappan to require care of her, whereas she still preserved with the cluster of Nishka and Sangavi.

As we tend to walk more, we tend to see a patch of trees on the proper and that we may hear water streams within the dark. The stream measured a tight quantity of flow.

After far, the lead cluster said loud that the path was falling towards the right, rather than ascending. Putta is noisy from behind that there’s only one path and asks them to proceed. As I reached the falling conversion one or two minutes, I saw the ascending path on the left. So, I referred to as everybody to show back and follow Pine Tree State. Later, I’d notice that the falling road was for Kallina Mantapa (stone hut), that I may see on the come in day light-weight.

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Some youngsters were soliciting for an opening, that I united at killing mantapa that ne’er came as we tend to lose. We tend to presently reach the Shesha Parvatha, the height before we tend to enter dense forest once more. The last kilometer to the Shesha Parvatha was windy as we tend to creep up gorges. We tend to had to pay further effort to stay up the pace.

The path additionally became a lot of tough with loose mud and Travel.

Finally, we tend to reach Shesha Parvatha with a fantastic read of fast-paced dogs. It was merely daybreak, however, the sun was still elusive.

As we tend to wait for the whole cluster to regroup, we tend to open the holige and chenna poda (Oriya sweet brought by Kiran). Because the last person arrived, we managed to click the last of the pics and proceeded more. Ensuing stretch was once more dense forest.

Putta did not need to proceed more as he doubted his son’s ability. I offered to hold his bag and asked him to elevate his son if required. He ne’er had to keep him as his son unbroken, occurring on his own.

After the dense forest, we tend to hold some loose rocky path and a sizable steep rock before we tend to reach the height.

We spent heaps of your time feeding, enjoying the read, and clicking numerous photos. Finally, we tend to ask somebody to click a bunch of photographs for the . We tend to start falling at 9:20 AM.

The return was mostly uneventful. We tend to fancy clearer read heaps higher. It was turning hot too. I had to inform youngsters to stay hydrating.

We reached the camp website at 11:35 AM, because Nishant, Nathan, and Sangavi WHO were virtually sport before the . Bala and that i had to chase them, slow them down by asking them to create photos, etc. we tend to cram water at the stream once the Kallina Mantapa additionally.

At the camp website, Rajesh and Kalpana had done the toughest job of packing sleeping baggage and tents by removing the untidy garments and by drying them before packing. Kalpana had an additionally excellent unbroken breakfast for the children. Vaibhav looked as if he would have had a pleasant sleep until ten AM and headed out for a decent time with the cat in Bhattara Mane. The youngsters were so active that they started running and taking part in fight games with sticks. They either forgot that they had trekked the entire morning, or they did not apprehend that they still had to descend more.

We distributed the things to be carried and prepared to go to Bhattara Mane for lunch. We tended to have lunch and commenced falling at 2:25 PM.

I was behind everybody, as a guard to Nishka and Sangavi WHO were doing excellent Pace Partners as they termed doing slow, steady, and non-stop descent. It was a hot day. We tend to fixed with the cluster somewhere [*fr1] manner. The lead was way ahead and should be out of the path by 4:15 PM, I suppose. I got out by 4:40 PM. There was a discussion of a bus returning to choose the  up and negotiating with the driver. We tend to wait for the last members to return out. Individuals were enjoying fruits that were out there at the doorway to the path. Finally, the bus refused to return. Some were talking regarding taking an associate motor vehicle. I declined a motor vehicle for myself as one. Five kilometers on a flat surface was hardly something once the arduous trek. I had continually enclosed the walk from the temple until the beginning of the path as a part of the trek. So, I hinted that we tend to all ought to walk and facilitate anybody WHO wants with the bags.

Finally, we tend to reach the bus. We managed to refill water bottles from the general public beverage tanks out there between the temple and parking and headed to the Kumadhara for bathing. After that, we tend to head for early dinner as youngsters would nod off presently. There was an abrupt torrent. The several  ran. Modern Mysore restaurant was Putta’s suggestion, and the food was excellent there. Some used the bathroom for the last time. There’s a restroom within the parking ground too. Then, the bus headed back to Bangalore. We tend to reach Bangalore around 3:30 AM.

It was a fulfilling trek. Everybody did very well although several  ought to have ideally done a bit a lot of exercises. Aside from several harmless falls, it was uneventful. We tend to all make merry.

Here is the log from my GPS watch on the ascend. I forgot to log for the kilometer between Bhattara Mane and the once camp website.


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