How to Increase Your Speed for the Bank Exam?

How to Increase Your Speed for the Bank Exam
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With every passing day bank exams are gaining popularity. There are countless graduates who aim to pursue their career in the banking industry. There are mainly three bodies who conduct exams for recruiting employees to public banks i.e. RBI, IBPS and SBI. They select employees to various designations such as clerk, PO and SO etc. Cracking the bank exam is a prodigious task as the banking sector is a lot to do with numbers and calculations. 

Every candidate has to go through three phases i.e. preliminary exam, mains exam and then personal interview to clear the bank exam. These three phases have further sections with their own cut-offs and time constraints. There are many candidates who aim to get selected for designation of probationary officer in banks. All they need to do is crack a Bank PO exam. If they need any guidance for exam preparation then they can join a reputed institute that can prove them the Best Coaching for Bank PO in Delhi.

Speed and accuracy plays a significant role if you are aiming to clear any bank exam. Here is a list of exceptional tips and tricks that can  increase your speed for bank exam:

  • Polish your skills in mental maths

While attempting a bank exam you will not get sufficient time for doing calculation on paper, so accustom your brain to calculate without using pen and paper. If you want to beef up your mental maths skill then pick up random numbers and do basic operations in mind. It will help in decreasing calculation time and increasing the speed while solving questions. It can also aid in reducing negative marking in bank exams. 

  • Get yourself prepared as per sectional timing

There are mainly three phases to every bank exam i.e. prelims, mains and personal interview. The prelims and mains phase of exam has 3 or 4 sections, each having its own time constraint. Candidates are advised to practice questions daily according to the time they will get while attempting the exam. This practice technique will help them to polish their skill to answer quickly and accurately.

  • Follow proper techniques

There are three sections of the bank prelims exam: quantitative aptitude, english language and logical reasoning. The questions in the quantitative aptitude section are solved after several calculations, so candidates need to learn simple tricks to solve them quickly.

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Every year lakhs of candidates appear for SBI PO exam. Are you preparing for the SBI PO exam? If yes, then you can approach a recognized institute that can provide the best SBI PO coaching in Delhi. 

  • Set daily targets

Candidates preparing for bank exams can challenge themselves by setting daily targets, it will help them to learn time management. After noticing progress in their performance they can increase their practice time. Similarly, they can increase the difficulty level of questions they solve. Doing this will help them polish their skill of solving questions with accuracy and speed. 

  • Stick yourself to a proper schedule

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments. Candidates who aspire to clear a bank exam in a single stroke should be consistent with their hard work and determination. While starting for the exam preparation candidates should devise a strategic plan and stick to it. It is believed that solving quantitative aptitude questions during early hours of morning can improve calculation speed. Many Candidates apply for the CET NRA exam to fulfill their dream to become a government Officer.  

  • Clear your basics

Once you start preparing for the bank exam, the first and foremost thing to be done is clearing your basics of several topics.  Those who want to improve their calculation speed can begin with four basic operations i.e.  Addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. Similarly, you can polish your english language by learning grammar and vocabulary. Thus, to master any section of the bank exam you have to start with clearing your basics. 

  •  Practice maximum Mock tests

There are various online websites that provide practice mock tests for bank exams. Practicing mock tests will help you analyze your speed and accuracy while solving questions. As we already know that every section of the bank exam has a time limit so the habit of solving mock tests may help you solve maximum questions. 

  • Learn multiplication tables

If you aim to crack a bank exam then knowing up to 20 times a table is a must. Moreover, you must learn square values from 1 to 25 and square root from 1 to 20. The best way to memorize multiplication tables is to write tables on a piece of paper and paste on the wall. Read those tables after waking up in the morning and before going to sleep. Doing this can help you enhance your calculation speed while answering mathematical questions. Candidates also search for combo courses like bank and Best SSC coaching in Delhi or any nearby location to crack the other govt.  Competitive exams. 


The tips and tricks written above can help you clear a bank exam with flying colours. Candidates are advised to remain calm & motivated and be consistent with their rigorous hard work. Most of the bank aspirants prefer self-study while preparing for exams but availing coaching classes can serve them as a cherry on cake. Those who are preparing for SBI PO exam can join the most esteemed institute that can provide the best SBI PO coaching in Delhi.


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