5 Evergreen Types Of Animation

Types Of Animation

Before we talk about the 5 evergreen Types Of Animation we should first define what animation basically is. Well, to put it simply animation is an illusion that makes the viewer thinks that an image is moving when it is not. Now, there are different ways of creating this illusion but the earliest ways in which this illusion of movement was created was by making static images with minimal differences and displaying them rapidly to make it seem like the image is moving.

Types Of Animation

Types Of Animation

Now, there are many types of animations but even to hire a professional video animation company one needs to have knowledge about some of the types that are used very commonly. These few evergreen types of animations are mentioned and described below:

Traditional or classical animation

Even though the traditional animation is not used anymore because of the time and effort required but still it is one of the most used techniques of creating animations in the world. This traditional animation technique requires the animator to sketch every frame by hand using a pencil. If you remember the old Disney cartoons then you should know that those cartoons were the result of traditional animation. One image is sketched or drawn and colored again and again with barely noticeable differences and a sequence is created that makes it seem like the image is moving.

Computer animation 2D

This 2D computer animation uses essentially the same technique used in traditional animation but instead this is done on a computer thus making the process a little faster. Many of the popular cartoons made in the 1960s like the “The Flintstones” were made using 2D computer animations. Many other famous animations were also made using this technique for example the Mickey Mouse animation and The Jetsons and many more.

2D digital animations

Using digital technologies to create animations in 2D space is called the 2d digital animation. In this specific technique, the animator draws the frames. But the work is much easier as the use of different software can be made such as Adobe flash. Now, using this animation software made animation much easier for animators because it helped limit the number of drawings for animators, and variations can be made in frames quite easily and quickly helping the animators save time and effort.

3D digital animations

This type of animation also uses digital technology and there is much software that help animators make 3d digital animations quite easily. This is one of the most rewarding types of animations and is in a lot of demand even now. Many famous movies have used 3d digital animations in their making. Another great thing about 3d digital animations is the fact that 3d digital animations are very realistic as compared to 2d digital animation and traditional 2d animation. Rest assured career in 3d digital animation can be very rewarding for animators because of the high demand for it in movies, advertisements, and short animated movies.

Stop motion animation

The art of making a static object seems like it’s moving or is in motion is known as stop motion animation. In this type of animation different frames are used to make a physical static object look like it’s moving physically in a continuous fluid motion. This technique was first introduced in the early 1900s but it takes a large amount of time and effort to make.

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Apart from these few types of animations there are many others that are being used today as well. In fact animations are one of the most in-demand skills of our time and animated videos are used in abundance for various reasons these days.


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