What Should I Avoid Before My Hyperbaric Treatment Session?

What Should I Avoid Before My Hyperbaric Treatment Session

Hyperbaric treatment helps treat multiple health conditions like carbon monoxide and cyanide poisoning. The therapy sessions can also strengthen your body’s immune system by increasing oxygen concentration in tissues to help resist infection. You should prepare for hyperbaric medicine treatment, so the sessions have the desired effects. Here are some things you should avoid before your hyperbaric treatment session.

Avoid Certain Medication

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is incompatible with certain medications, so you should avoid them before treatment. Receiving hyperbaric oxygen treatment while on certain medications can cause unimpressive side effects.

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Some of the medications you have to keep off include:

  • Insulin
  • Tranquilizers
  • Anticoagulants
  • Pain medication
  • Prednisone in high doses
  • Corticosteroids
  • Some chemotherapies

Before taking any medication ahead of your HBOT session, consult with your physician. They will instruct you to take medication compatible with hyperbaric therapy to avoid side effects.

Keep Off Alcohol, Caffeine, And Carbonated Drinks

Alcohol, caffeine, and carbonated drinks affect your body’s operations and influence HBOT treatment outcomes. Caffeine impedes oxygen flow by constricting your blood vessels. Alcohol also interferes with your body’s ability to push oxygen to all tissue and muscle groups. Carbonated drinks tamper with your body’s blood glucose levels which can cause light-headedness during treatment.

Instead of alcohol or carbonated drinks, you should drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated helps manage the effects of hyperbaric therapy, improving the quality and results of treatment.

Avoid Smoking

Tobacco contains nicotine, a product that lines blood vessels and affects oxygen uptake and transfer. Smoking can also cause collapsed lungs or other underlying illnesses affecting treatment.

Since smoking counteracts the benefits of hyperbaric therapy, you should avoid it entirely before starting treatment. You should avoid all forms of tobacco use, including:

  • Pipe tobacco
  • Cigars
  • Chewing tobacco
  • Cigarettes

Avoiding smoking keeps your blood vessels open, allowing your blood to absorb as much oxygen as possible. More oxygen means better treatment results, allowing you to recover quickly from your illnesses.

Avoid Coming in Sick

Sickness can affect your ability to get the desired results or remain comfortable throughout your HBOT sessions. For example, slight colds often cause your ears to clog during hyperbaric therapy. This can often lead to inner ear injury or other sickness-related pressure issues.

Having an HBOT session inside a pressurized chamber feels like flying, so you may experience some side effects. These side effects are worse in sick patients, resulting in discomfort. Issues like flu, fever, or loose stool can cause discomfort throughout treatment.

If you are sick, you should reschedule the therapy sessions until you recover. Once you get well enough, you can comfortably sit through your entire HBOT session without experiencing pressure issues.

Avoid Using Perfumes and Lotion

Hyperbaric chambers are oxygen-rich, so any impurities will contaminate treatment. Since HBOT works through your natural breathing system, you should avoid using lotions and perfumes.

Get to treatment fresh as if straight from the shower. Some of the items you should avoid include:

  • Deodorant
  • Hair products like hair spray or oils and extensions
  • Freshly applied acrylic nails
  • A fresh coat of nail polish
  • Makeup
  • Cosmetics

Avoid Bringing Prohibited Items

The unnatural conditions in a hyperbaric chamber make it dangerous to bring in some items. Hospitals have an approved list of safety items allowed in the hyperbaric chamber. You should not bring such prohibited items if you want to enjoy the safety and great results.

Some of the prohibited items include:

  • Electronic devices like phones and laptops
  • Contact lenses and reading glasses
  • Lighters and matches
  • Jewelry

Avoid Wearing Polyester or Nylon Clothing

What you wear has an effect on your comfort throughout the therapy session. Since you will be in a pressurized chamber, specialists advise against wearing nylon or polyester clothing. You should instead bring cotton clothing for your session inside the hyperbaric chamber. Your clothing should be loose and comfortable to enjoy the best results.

Materials like silk, wool, and polyester have static fibers which can carry a charge. Pure oxygen within the chamber acts like an accelerant and fuel, which can ignite at the slightest spark. Cotton clothing does not have a static charge, so it does not pose safety risks. Doctors may also provide you with hospital-approved scrubs or garments before entering the chamber.

Avoid Rushing Your Treatment Sessions

HBOT treatment sessions last anywhere between one and two hours, so you should plan adequate time to complete treatment. Doctors may recommend multiple sessions to obtain the necessary effect, so you must clear your schedule.

You can use your treatment sessions to nap or take a break from your stressful work life. Relaxing also improves the efficiency of your treatment outcomes.

Preparing Improves the Effectiveness of Hyperbaric Medicine Treatment

Hyperbaric therapy sessions require adequate and proper preparation to obtain the desired results. Avoiding smoking, alcohol abuse, and particular medication during preparation for your HBOT sessions can improve your comfort throughout therapy. Doctors recommend avoiding the above things to make the hyperbaric medicine treatment effective. The prohibitions also enhance your comfort and guarantee your safety throughout treatment.


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