There’s a Lot More Junk In Your Home Or Business Than You Think


We accumulate a lot of different items throughout our lives and because we never want to throw it away due to an emotional attachment or maybe we just like to keep stuff. Whatever the reasons for keeping it, your home is now cluttered with all of this stuff that you don’t use anymore and it is becoming a problem. You can’t just dump it over the next wall that you come across and so it is essential that you dispose of it properly and in an environmentally responsible way. Holding on to all of this junk that you will never use again is going to cause you stress and heartache, but there is a solution.

Luckily for you, you can turn to Bin Buddy to do the job that you couldn’t or were unable to do and it is their job to remove all of the unwanted and broken items from your property and to dispose of them in an environmentally responsible way. If you are still quite adamant that you don’t have any junk that needs to be taken away then maybe these reminders will make you realise that you have.

  • Old Electrical Items – That washing machine and cooker that you said you were going to fix has been sitting there for over a year now and you don’t look any closer to sorting it out. The guy who fixes them has already told you that the parts like a solenoid pinch valve are almost impossible to find and it would cost more to fix them than it would to buy a new one. It’s time to let go and let the professionals take them away.
  • Old furniture – You haven’t used your garage in years because it is full up with furniture that you won’t throw out and now you can’t even get your car in there. All of the furniture including the old sofa and armchairs needs to go as not only are they taking up space, but they are a fire hazard as well. Moving these by yourself would be an impossible task and so you need specialised transport and lifting equipment to get them taken away.
  • General Rubbish – You have the best intentions in the world, but you are never going to get around to clearing out all the rubbish that is taking up space inside and outside your property. Not only are you reducing the curb appeal of your property, but you are encouraging disgusting vermin and insects like cockroaches to congregate on your property. Get it all taken away before it gets out of control.

It’s time for a spring clean of your property and so you need to make that phone call or click on that website to get all of these unwanted and old items taken away as soon as possible. We all need at least one major clean out in our lives and your time is now. It’s your property, so take steps to protect your investment.


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