Online Education; Can It Replace Traditional Classrooms?

Online Education

Nowadays every educational institute is bound to provide online education because of the current situation of COVID-19.  So today every person is aware of the meanings of online education.

It is the method of providing education 100 % virtually, through the use of technology too far and distant places this allows the students to learn at their own time and pace. The world right now is in a great crisis, where it is difficult to continue the traditional school system.

If it were not online education, the education system of every country would have come to an end. But do you know how distance education started? Or can you guess whether education will completely replace the traditional education system or not? 

Everyone has their own opinion about whether online education is better than the traditional school system or not. But it is not our point. Here we are going to discuss how online education started and will it be able to replace the traditional school system or not. 

Brief History About TheWe all think that online education started after the development of technology but this is not true at all. The origin of distant learning was started in the mid 19th century through postal service in the US.

Where educational missives were distributed between students and professors through postal service. These institutes were known as commercial correspondence colleges. The first official program of correspondence education was established in 1873 in Boston. 

This correspondence education program was named “Society to Encourage Home Studies”. But the distant education even stated long before it began officially. Caleb Philips in 1728 started advertising in the Boston Gazette newspaper as a private correspondence course.

Later in 1911, the Queensland University in Australia found his department of Correspondence Education. The University of House-made distance was the first institute that began to offer televised college classes in 1953 on KUHT, a public television station in the US. 

THEN THE ERA OF Computer came, and everything became easy after that. With the improvement in technology, getting online education is becoming easy day by day.

Can Online Education Replace the traditional School System?

This is the question that we all have in our minds: what will the future show us in our education system? Will there be any physical classes or not? So let us be clear about this fact that the purpose of online education is not to replace the traditional classrooms. 

Its basic purpose is to provide education to students at their own pace and that’s it. We know that life has become busier than it ever was. So the people that don’t even have the time to attend the school prefer online education. 

And also the people who don’t have access to a particular subject in their locality, prefer online classes from distant coaching institutions. So that online education can never remove the traditional school system in the future. 

Nowadays, every institute is providing online education and we see a lot of problems in this system. Like online exams are the worst way of grading a student. Besides, that students would never be confident and in a mood to learn in an education system.

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it is not easy for everyone to learn online. It can never be an alternative to the traditional school system. The regular attendance in a classroom helps the pupils interact with each other of their own age, be disciplined, follow a fixed routine and schedule, and enhance their physical and mental fitness. The Traditional Learning of a classroom helps students and teachers know each other. 


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