How to Monitor Kids on Social Media Silently

    Social Media Silently

    The last decade is the decade of modernization. Technology has taken over our lives. we can not live a second without them. Take a look around, we are under a spell of digital gadgets. One is in your hand smartphone, or tab, or laptop. Just imagine a day or two without them difficult right? Impossible some would say. It is true we are now attached to them. With the advancement in technology, virtual life is getting busier and versatile. Let’s take the example of Social Media Silently. We have WhatsApp, Viber, for instant messaging and media sharing, Instagram for photo addicts, Snapchat the fastest way to share a moment, tumbler skype, and many more.

    As a  cool parent, you can simply send a friend request to your child to add you on their Facebook or Instagram account, or you can show your interest in their twitter handle. But teens these days know how to get away smartly. They may have a bogus account just for show and may have other original accounts. They may be not on twitter apparently but can be an active member of the trending community. Are you are interested in their online friends, want to make sure your kid is not watching any harmful violent material on youtube, or worried about their online safety?

    This and many other problems have one solution, a kids monitoring app. There are many spy apps available but here we want to discuss one of the best app. It will ease all your anxieties and make sure you know almost everything about your child’s social life. OgyMogy, it has many features. Its parental control feature is available for android phones as well as windows and mac. Thus now with just following simple installment steps, you can now get into the digital world of snap chatting and Whatsapp etc.

    Get a List of All the Installed Apps:

    OgyMogy spy app has the feature of tracking all the installed applications on the targeted phones. Now you can remotely monitor all the apps your child is using .you can prevent usage of any harmful app which is not suitable for teenagers. Thus OgyMogy will timely let you know if your child is interested in any malicious, violent, or time-wasting apps.

    Strict Virtual Surveillance:

    Kids these days are tech-savvy and use instant messaging apps and many other social platforms. Every person gets a chance to live a celebrity kind of life through Social Media Silently. Online dating is another common trend among teens these days. In these scenarios, all you need to do is strick monitoring on your child online activities. You need to make sure that your child must not get obsessed with all these social media glory. OgyMogy helps you to monitor many social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Viber, snap chat, tumbler, skype etc. You will get notified about every text conversation or media sharing, video chats or memes content etc.

    Get A Hold On Passwords:

    If you are interested in your kid’s anonymous accounts and you want to know about the friend list etc you need a password. OgyMogy provides you keylogger software. Using this feature you can simply know every kind of passwords through keystroke logging. It allows you to have remote control on typed keywords. Thus you will know all the email address along with their passwords using this feature of the OgyMogy spy app.

    Spy On Saved Media:

    Using the OgyMogy mobile phone tracking app you can now keep a strict check on all the saved videos etc on your child’s phone. You will get a complete report of what kind of videos photos or memes content your kids are downloading from Social Media Silently.

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    The Internet is one wild world. You have access to almost every kind of thing in a couple of clicks. This is beneficial in some ways but is also dangerous in so many others. Cyberbullying, hacking, stalking, etc all are different kinds of cybercrimes. In the age of digital advancement, securing your kid’s online safety is one heck of a work. Using OgyMogy will maintain balance in securing their private space and freedom along with the certainty that you have eyes on them. It’s time to take the first step to your kid’s security by buying the OgyMogy app.


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