WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins

    WooCommerce is a free plugin that can be easily added up with your new WordPress site or existing WordPress site which helps you to add e-commerce functionality

    WooCommerce is a free plugin that can be easily added up with your new WordPress site or existing WordPress site which helps you to add e-commerce functionality to your site and your website starts acting like an online business shop. WooCommerce is very helpful for small, medium and large all sized online marketers who use WordPress. 

    Why is WooCommerce popular in the market?

    • The first thing is WooCommerce is an open-source which means anybody can use the feature, get the code, and others.
    • It is free of cost, which is very good and can be used by everyone without thinking about money.
    • It is very flexible, you can use many plugins and make your site totally different and as per your need.
    • WooCommerce is platform-independent.

    WooCommerce is very useful when it comes to inventory management. It has many plugins which makes your inventory management very easy. Some such plugins are Tradegecko, Zoho Orderhive, and others.

    Different WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins

    One key point while doing any business is managing your products have the best information about the products you have, and it takes lots of time and create many problems while you do it different software so here are some WooCommerce Inventory Management plugins which help you to do inventory management very quickly and easily.

    These plugins help you in many ways like:

    • You can make bulk updates within seconds, 
    • Can add multiple products in a single go,
    • You don’t need to track numbers, automated calculations are there,
    • Smart search, easy exports, and many more. 


    TradeGecko is a Singapore based software service company, which provides inventory management platform for WooCommerce and others. It provides many features such as making your management easy and fast. Some main features are:

    • Creating Sales order and invoice:

    You can make your orders and invoices very simply and in different currencies too. 

    • Sync Your Stocks:

    Here you can sync all your products so whenever you need you can get the data of your stocks in a single touch.

    • Inventory Optimization:

    Optimization of your stocks and others is very simple with this plugin. 

    2:WooCommerce Stock Manager

    WooCommerce stock manager is a free plugin. This is the most popular Stock Management plugin for WooCommerce. It provides you all the product stock within a single screen. 

    Some of its key features are:

    • Stock Management:

    It helps you to manage your stocks in a single go. You can also set parameters for your products. You can get the information about what product is in stock, out stock, and others.

    • One more feature is product filtering here you can filter products in the availability of product, stock status, category, and other. 


    Zoho is an Indian Software development company, a cloud-based inventory management tool. Here you can update your inventory automatically whenever any sales are made. It also has many advanced features like Barcode inventory management, serial number tracking, automated reordering, and many more. It also has free plans available for users.

    4:Orderhive Inventory Management

    Orderhive is also one of the best plugins for inventory management, it is flexible for many platforms. This is SaaS-based management software. Through which we can manage different warehouses with stock policies, transfers, and others. Some top features are:

    • Product Catalog  Management

    Here you can create and manage simple and multiple products, you can import and export product information, also you can easily create barcodes, and can sort inventory based on the locations.

    • Sharp eye on import and export of the products

    5: Veeqo

    Veeqo is a WooCommerce inventory and order management plugin/tool. It helps you in managing orders, checking inventory on different platforms, and warehouse control all with ease. Some of its main features are:

    • You can very easily organize your order like track down, product stock, and others.
    • Create Warehouse to warehouse transfer and many more features.


    ATUM inventory management is one of the very best plugins for WooCommerce. It gives you full control on the  WooCommerce stock. Here you can change everything within your WooCommerce inventory like: suppliers, price, locations, Stock Keep Unit(SKU), and others. Some of its best features are:

    • Product Editing, here you can edit any product data such as price and many other data.

    • Advanced Search, it provides you the facility to do advanced filtration of product which makes your inventory easy and simple 


    Its free version is available on WordPress.


    Katana makes handling business operations and inventory easy. It tracks down the availability of required products, get real-time, get real-time status of the production, manage inventory across multiple warehouses, sales order fulfillment.    

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    Above you have learned about the WooCommerce inventory management plugins, its features which make it popular and about WooCommerce inventory management, which is very beneficial for all the online marketers to track down their inventory, it comes with many plugins which makes your inventory management very easy and simple and you can get all the data by some simple clicks.


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