Signs That You Need to Go for an Eye Test

Eye Test

It is usually observed that people keep on ignoring their eyesight at the initial stage when they just start seeing things blur and unclear. But after some time when they feel that situation is not the same, then they opt for an eye test. 

But this is not what we should do; we should see the eye doctor in Houston as soon as you feel any problem with your vision. Ideally, it is recommended to go for regular eye check-ups every six months. 

Eye Test

So here are some of the signs that you should get eyesight check-up!

  • Blur and unclear vision:  This is the first sign that you will feel, but how can you be sure? If you do not see anything clear at four to five feet away or ten steps away, then it is the right time for you to get an eye test done. In some cases, blurriness occurs if people use phone laptops too much. In that case, it is advisable to rest your eyes for some time, apply cold compression, massage them, and drink lots of water.
  • Constant headache: Another sign could be that you are experiencing continuous problems and sharp pain. It does not go away apart from taking medicine at almost daily course. So you might want to be sure if you aren’t facing this headache due to eyesight: eye testing the solution. 
  • Heaviness or eye fatigue: Eye fatigue is a result of giving continuous strain to the eyes. You do not wear any glass protection while driving reading or writing, then it may create problem for eyes. You blink your eye too often to make them relaxed and clear out your vision. Another sign could be that your eyes get tired quickly and cannot bear screen light too long. 
  • Itchiness and watery eyes: This is the most common sign if you have weak eyesight. You will rub your eyes too often than usual, and your eyes will get watery every time whenever you sit in front of a laptop or phone screen. If it is due to your work or extended screen time, try putting eye drops three to four times a day to stop itchiness and consult an eye doctor. 
  • Double vision: When eyesight becomes too poor, you start seeing double objects, and that also unclear, it is high time you should be alert. Also, you must narrow your eyes every time you see the thing that is far away. It can also be the symptom of cataract, or a chance that eyesight is too affected and needs immediate treatment.

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Difficulty in adjusting from light to dark:  If your eyes aren’t comfortable adjusting to bright light or too dull light, then it might be the case that your eye muscles are weak and need proper care and attention.

  • Eye pressure:  We usually feel heavy eyes because of sitting in front of a screen for a long time, but what can be the sign-in case of weak eyesight? You will feel heavy pressure all the time at the back of your eyes; if ignored for too long, then it can cause severe damage. This is the time that you need to go for an eye test.
  • Dizziness and wavy vision:  You will feel dizziness when you’ll give too much pressure on your eye to concentrate to see an object. Your nerves are already fragile, so it automatically indicates dizziness. Another sign you’ll notice is you will not be able to see any line straight and colors bright; they will look distorted and faded.

Eye Tests Smithfield


These are some of the universal signs that every person experiences when his/her has just started wearing or has reached a particular stage. You shouldn’t delay by any means regarding your eyes you feel any of these complications: it’s time to go and get your eyes test immediately


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