What Is the Major Difference Between DTG & Screen Printing in T-Shirts?

    DTG & Screen Printing

    In this highly competitive world, organizations need to come up with a solid marketing plan to beat out their existing rivals in the market. They need to craft those unique strategies that can not only help them to attract thousands of customers but can also help them to achieve their future goals by just using a limited amount of resources. In this article, you will read about, what is the major difference between dtg & screen printing in t-shirts?

    These strategies are precisely made based on customer requirements so that they can interact better with the people. Moreover, these campaigns are finalized after briefly analyzing the likes and dislikes of the people about the products, so that their core marketing features can also be configured rightly according to the requirements. 

    This analysis is very necessary for any company because it lets them know that their customers are the real assets of their company, regardless of the revenue and investment they are putting into the company.

    Many marketers recommend going with paid marketing as a solution to achieve the above-defined objectives. But, the problem with paid marketing is that it is only viable for the strong and established businesses. It is not suitable for such type of companies that are relatively new in the market, and hence are struggling to generate funds for their business. 

    Those low budgeted companies can alternatively look up towards some other campaigns like promotional marketing to move forward in the market. They can easily promote blank tee shirts in bulk, as it is one fine way to engage a wide array of customers. These apparels are widely endorsed by all types of audiences and are pretty good at producing potential results.

    These custom t-shirts are always available in different types of varieties, including colors, sizes, styles, and other aspects. It depends on particular companies about how they want to use such outfits made from different types of varieties.

    Most of the companies hire third-party agencies to produce a handful number of t-shirts regularly. They utilize different printing machines to create enthralling designs on t-shirts, comprising of unique art and color styles.

    Talking about the printing quality, most of the agencies use two types of printing machines regularly, i.e., DTG & Screen-printing machine. Both of them produces top quality results, but are just different due to some functionalities.

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    This article will briefly describe the differentiation between these two machines. It will compare both of them and their results to give you a clear picture of why they are different from each other. So, without wasting much time, let’s just straight to their detailed comparison below.

    Major Difference between DTG & Screen Printing

    Here’s how DTG differs from screen-printing in various functional ways. 

    Direct to Garment (DTG)

    DTG is an acronym for Direct to Garment, majorly used for producing high-quality image results on t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. They work just like a digital printer, producing similar computer image results on the t-shirts as per the requirements. Over the years, its technology has evolved quite vastly, making itself the number one choice for apparel printing. Today, every other t-shirt printing agency utilizes this technology, as they are high in demand as compared to the others. It is easy to set up and use and is precisely seen as well as the printing photographic images.

    Screen Printing

    Screen printing is pretty old as compared to DTG technology. This technique was first evolved from China back in the time of the Song Dynasty. Over the years, this technique also saw huge advancements in regards to the process and machines with which it is used. Right now, it is the second most favored way of printing graphical images on t-shirts. Its machine is bit spacy as compared to the DTG, but is considered quite well in producing quality pictorial images.

    Final Words

    That brings us to the conclusion of this article in which we have compared the two most used printing services in the world. According to results, both are pretty good and perfect in their own domains, providing quality printing services to the relevant companies. If you are still confused about how they are used or what type of printing they perform, kindly drop your questions below in the comments section. We would like to answer them all as quickly as we can.


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