The 7 Zodiac Signs Symbolized by Animals What Each Means

The 7 Zodiac Signs Symbolized by Animals What Each Means

Star signs get their names from their associated constellations. Some, such as Gemini, come from ancient myths, while others bear animal names. In fact, the following seven zodiac signs use animal symbolism to represent their qualities. The more you learn about each animal, the more psychic readings for Scorpio and other signs will make sense.

1. Scorpio: Scorpion

Scorpio is a water sign, but its power and passion make it much more like a fire sign. This member of the zodiac has the scorpion to thank for its unique traits, as the arachnid is stealthy and venomous, making it a fearsome animal. Interestingly, the scorpion also symbolizes transformation, a theme closely associated with Scorpio’s ruling planet, Pluto.

2. Pisces: Fish

The deeply emotional Pisces is a water sign with the symbol of two fish. Psychic readings for Pisces reveal a zodiac sign completely surrounded by the spiritual realm, to the point it may neglect material, creative and intellectual pursuits. If Pisces finds itself on unfamiliar ground, it may feel out of its depth. However, those born under the fish can achieve balance, as shown by the presence of two opposite fish in the symbol.

3. Taurus: Bull

Bull-headed is the perfect word to describe Taurus, as this earth sign will dig in its heels for better or worse. Tauruses are also incredibly diligent, willing to work hard toward their goal like an ox pulling a plow.

Like the ox, Taurus spends most of its time connecting with the earth — since this is an earth sign, this should surprise no one. For the bull, this means focusing on material goods, preferably of the luxury variety.

4. Aries: Ram

Rams represented courage and strength in ancient Greece, so it’s unsurprising that those born under Aries are brave and strong. This fire sign is also incredibly passionate and can get a little heated in the moment. Like rams butting heads, Aries meet confrontation head-on.

5. Cancer: Crab

Crabs represent many different things depending on the culture. In ancient Greece, they were symbols of sacrifice and loyalty. This representation ties neatly into Cancer, a deeply empathetic star sign that puts others first. The crab also fits the elemental nature of this zodiac sign, as crabs thrive in the water.

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6. Leo: Lion

Lions are kings of the jungle, and Leos are rulers of their social circles. The lion embodies this star sign’s most memorable traits:

  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Ambition
  • Pride

Due to their charisma, Leos draw people to them, creating a circle of friends the way lions gather a pride. They’re also loyal and happy to provide for those close to them.

7. Capricorn: Sea Goat

While the sea goat doesn’t exist in the real world, it’s still technically an animal. This mythological beast is a mismatch of two worlds: water and earth. Capricorn is an earth sign, but underneath the pragmatism is a child-like humor that people rarely see. To experience it, you must get close enough to see below the waves.

Reading the Taurus daily horoscope and talking to an astrologer regularly are great ways to get more familiar with the zodiac. The stars can reveal hidden truths about yourself and those around you, so take time to learn about this ancient practice.


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