Does TIAA Have a Gold Fund? Things You Should Know About Them

Does TIAA Have a Gold Fund

Gold Funds

These funds are a type of investment funds that have some type of gold involved. Many investment companies have these available so that you can invest in them. These are also known as ETF, or exchange traded funds, or mutual funds.

Another way to invest in this precious metal is through a self-directed IRA, or gold IRA. These IRAs are ones that you can add precious metals to your IRA. This can help you build your retirement portfolio.

This article will give you more information about these funds. You can also go to to get more information about them. You can also do some research to get more information.

Gold Fund Information

There are Multiple Gold Funds

Everyone is fascinated by this precious metal and most people want to own some. Sometimes people want to buy gold, but they don’t want to buy physical metals. These funds are a way to accomplish this.

Most investment companies have some sort of this type of fund to offer, including TIAA. There are many of these to choose from and it is up to you to choose the one that is best for you. There will be one that is perfect for you and your needs.

Invest in Precious Metals at Commodities Exchanges

You could also buy spot contracts and futures at the commodities exchanges. Spot contracts are contracts where you buy the commodities on the spot. Futures are when the commodities payments are postponed, and delivery delayed until a future date.

These types of investing are usually done by more experienced investors because they are more difficult to do. Two places where this is done are the New York Stock Exchange, or NYSE, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, or CME. NYSE is more for spot trading and CME is better for futures trading.

Gold Fund Values Vary Depending on Market Demand and Supply

These funds are directly connected to the market value of this precious metal. The value of this is known as the Net Asset Value, or NAV. Learn more about NAV here. During economic turmoil, prices generally rise because more investors are looking for it.

Because the price changes so much, the NAV is updated daily. It can also be updated during the day if the prices change. When you buy it, you buy it at the closing price of the day before.

Gold Mining Funds

These are funds that invest in companies that mine this precious metal, as the name suggests. The value of these funds depends on how well the company does, so the value goes up if the company is doing well.

When the equity market has fluctuations, these are usually more stable. There are also fluctuations in the price of gold because of the difference between supply and demand. There are other reasons that the price goes up and down, but these are a couple of them.

Gold Exchange Trade Funds, or ETFs

These trade in the purest forms of precious metals that is only bought from banks. The daily ups and downs of precious metals prices are monitored by fund managers, who also take care of the physical precious metals trading. These are sold in the exchange market which allows huge liquidity for both buyers and sellers.

Key Features


The prices of these ETFs are driven by the international price of this precious metal. Therefore, they are priced in a transparent way so that you shouldn’t be too surprised by it. The current price of gold FoFs are determined by the current value of gold and other assets that are associated with it.

Method of Investment

To buy ETFs, you must buy through the stock exchange which means that you need to have an investment account. You can buy FoFs through companies who provide mutual funds. You don’t need to have an investment account to do this.

Minimum Amount Limitation

If you are buying ETFs you are required to buy at least a gram of gold. The price of the gold depends on the market rates. These FoFs only require a minimum monthly payment to your investment fund.

Cost of Transaction

You don’t have any exit or entry loads that you must have when you directly invest in ETFs. As it sounds, exit loads are paid when redeemed and entry loads are added at the beginning of the transaction. This makes it easy for anyone to invest in them because there are no minimums.

Required Management Expenses

There are management fees for both ETFs and FoFs, but the ones for FoFs are a little higher. FoFs are more expensive than ETFs because they get expenses of the ETFs as well as the management fees for running the fund. These are just some of the expenses that you must pay.

Extent of Liquidity

There are no constraints on ETFs making them have more liquidity than FoFs. FoFs depend on the mutual funds that you have selected so they are less liquid. There are many differences between the ETFs and FoFs.


There are many types of gold funds that you could invest in. The most common are ETFs and FoFs. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Both allow you to invest in this precious metal without having to have physical metal in your hands.

There are many things that you should know about investing in gold fund, because it is not as easy as you might think. You invest in these in the commodities exchange because these funds are commodities. The price of these varies depending on the supply and demand of gold.

You can also invest in gold mining stocks that can also allow you to have your hand in the industry. You can buy precious metal mining stocks through your broker just as you can buy other stocks. The price of these stocks varies depending on how well the mining company is doing.


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