Best Practices to Improve Your Kids’ Brain Health

Improve Brain Health

Does the brain health of your children make you concerned? A few simple practices can help improve the brainpower of your kids. The development process of the human brain is very complicated. The speed of the development process is rapid in the early years of a kid’s life. It slows down with the passage of time but never stops. Almost 90 percent of brain development completes within the age of 5 and the rest takes more time than you think. To boost the brainpower of your kiddo, you do not need to spend heaps of money. Also, you do not need to join formal classes and training sessions to learn ways to improve kids’ brain health. In this article, we have rounded up a few simple and most effective practices to boost kids’ brainpower and promote healthy brain development.

What your kids eat really impact their brain health

Your kid’s diet has a strong influence on brain development. The pediatricians confirm that nutrition affects the brain more than any other organ of the body. The human brain needs quality and nutrition-rich food to perform efficiently. While making a diet schedule for your kids, make sure the diet plan consists of the following superfoods that can improve kids’ brain health.

Leafy Greens

Green vegetables such as kale and spinach are packed with folate. It is a very important nutrient for healthy brain development. Mothers should start taking folate during their pregnancy so your unborn could receive necessary nutrients for healthy brain development. You must continue the intake of leafy greens even after pregnancy. Also, make sure your kids consume enough folate at every stage of life for improved mental health.

Berries & Beets

Blueberries contain anthocyanin which plays an important role in enhancing brainpower. Anthocyanin improves brain cells’ ability to communicate with each other and makes them less vulnerable to stress. A sufficient intake of berries helps your kids concentrate and pay attention to tasks. It also improves the efficiency of the brain. Beets increase blood flow to the brain and improve brain performance.

Fatty Fish & Nuts

Fish is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids. Make sure your kids take Salmon or Tuna at least once a week. It improves their memory and performance of their brain. Moms-to-be should also include fatty fish in their diets. The fatty acids taken from fish are important to construct the building block of the brain. Nuts are also a great source of omega 3 and vitamin B. The sufficient intake of nuts boosts brainpower and lowers probabilities of age-related mental deterioration.

Food Supplements

If your kids are not taking a proper diet, you can also take help from food supplements. The supplements of Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, and folate are great for healthy brain development. Consult your health care provider for the appropriate dosage of food supplements for your kids.

Sleeping habits influence brain functioning

A tired mind can get the best relief with a good night’s sleep. If your kid does not take enough sleep, the restoration process of his body gets affected negatively. The researchers have found out that enough sleep is important for kids’ brain health. Kids who take enough sleep are better able to solve problems, make decisions, and memorize things and concentrate. The memory and skills of kids get negatively influenced if they take less sleep than required. According to the National Sleep Foundation, kids of school-going age need almost 10 to 11 hours of sleep you want to know your kids are sleeping or not so you have to use parental control app.

Mediation and physical activities are crucial

Meditation is not just important for adults but it is also beneficial for kids. It provides great assistance in stress relieving and improving brain functioning. The experts recommend parents to help their kids try meditation for at least 15 to 20 minutes a day. Mindfulness meditation can clam kids’ mind, boost their memory, makes them more focused and quick learner. It can also help improve your kid’s academic performance.

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As well as meditation, physical activities, and brain games are important for brain health. The studies confirm that physical activities enhance blood flow to the brain and improve brain functioning. It also reduces inflammation and oxidative stress. The indoor brain games can improve your kids’ memory and concentration. Research confirms that kids who keep their brain active are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

We hope these ideas will help you to Improve Brain Health!


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