5 Tips on Building a Well-Stocked Home Bar


Drinking alcoholic beverages is very common in Australia. According to reports, Australians spent an average of $1,891 on household alcohol consumption in 2020. The amount spent on alcohol for home consumption increased by more than $200 compared to the average in 2019. The increase may be credited to the government’s lockdown restrictions to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Some people also bought more bottles from wine and spirit suppliers that offer exclusive releases from Bevmart to add to their liquor collections

If you plan to build your alcohol stash from scratch without leaving your home, you need to know what bottles to buy from online alcohol beverage shops. Your home bar must contain quality ingredients to help you concoct your favourite drinks

Read these tips to help you build a high-quality home bar for personal and party consumption:

  1. Download a Bar Checklist 

You need to download a checklist that provides a guide to help you determine what bottles to buy when building your home bar. The list must include all the basic alcohol that you may drink chilled, on the rocks, or poured straight from the bottle.

It must also include the types of mixers to help you concoct a cocktail and the barware you will use to create your drinks

  1. Invest in the Essential Distilled Spirits

You must fill your liquor cabinet at home with all the essential bottles to serve as the foundation for your drinks. Some of these essential alcohols include the White Rum, which you need to create daiquiris, Cuba Libre, and mojitos, the Tequila for your margaritas and Palomas, and Gin for your martinis

It would help if you also include high-quality Whiskeys that you may enjoy on your own. Online shops like Bevmart also strongly recommend buying premium vodkas made in Australia

  1. Stock Up on Mixers And Liqueurs 

Aside from your essential spirits, you must also shop for some of the basic liqueurs and mixers to have more drink choices. Some of the most popular mixers include Vermouth, Cognac, Amaretto, Orange Liqueur, and Campari.

You must also buy non-alcoholic mixers to make your cocktails even more delectable. The usual ones in the market include cocktail bitters, grenadine, simple syrup, sugar cubes, and tonic water. You must also have enough stock of soda, club soda, and juices for added flavours.

  1. Buy Garnishes 

If you are having a party, you must also invest in garnishes to serve on the day of the event. Some of the garnishes that you can store in your fridge or the bar shelf include cocktail onions, salt and sugar to rim your glasses, maraschino or bourbon cherries, green olives, and Bleu cheese stuffed olives.

For fresh garnishes, you may serve bowls of lemon or lime wedges and twists, mint sprigs, celery stalks, and fresh fruits. But you must remember to throw away all the unused fresh garnishes properly because they spoil easily.

  1. Invest in Useful Barware

Some people believe that barware is extremely expensive. But you do not have to spend a lot of money to have all the right tools to use for mixing drinks.

There are several barware pieces to buy for better home cocktail creation. It includes a jigger for measuring, a shaker to blend the drinks properly, a strainer to help pour the drinks, and glasses to serve your concoction. You must also have a muddler to crush your herbs, a wine corkscrew if you love serving wine and a bar spoon for stirring your drinks.

Having a well-stocked bar at home allows you to entertain guests or enjoy your perfect drinks anytime you want. So browse through the list of products offered by your favourite online liquor store to get all your essentials.


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