WARMLY DELISH: 4 Types of Fish to Cook Your Tasty Stews

Types of Fish to Cook

Good news! You can happily prepare your own homemade stews with healthy ingredients in it! They go well with abundant side dishes, but you can serve them hot just by themselves too. What’s more, if you are a seafood lover, you can incorporate fresh seafood in it. Wowing! In this article, you will read about, types of fish to cook.

Now, here’s a list of 4 types of fish that can make any seafood stew delectable! They go with some benefits why they are so dear to one’s health! 

1. Milkfish


Milkfish is one of the most important species that is used for export and food reserves in South East Asia. It is also the last living species of its family known as Canidae. Its body has good proportions. It has a good amount of succulent fat that gives off a seafood flavor that is savory to the taste buds. 

Packed filled with Omega-3 fatty acids and proteins that are definitely good for the body, milkfish are very helpful and healthy for the human body. Nutritionwise, the milkfish definitely does not lack any of these important nourishing features. 

Furthermore, the rich fat of the milkfish melds perfectly together with all sorts of broth. One stew example from the Philippines is called “Sinigang” which is usually associated with ingredients that lead to its distinct sour flavor. Lime, lemon, bilimbi, calamansi, gabi, and all sorts of fruits and vegetables are combined to make sinigang. 

Overall, milkfish, with its white and firm flesh, packed with satisfying meat and natural flavors of the sea, and the scrumptious fat on its belly, is an incredible choice for stews.

2. Golden Threadfin Bream

Golden Threadfin Bream

The Golden Threadfin Bream is native to the western Pacific, from southern Japan south to northwest Australia including the Arafura Sea. 

As the name suggests, this fish has gold-colored lines on its red body. This species can reach a fairly good size of 14 inches, and it is filled with protein. The Golden Threadfin Bream is a little more boney than other fish species but if carefully removed, you can find it very delicious. The efforts of deboning it will be worth its matchless tang!

The Golden Threadfin has mild, lean, and white meat. Its skin comes with remarkable flavors. It fairs pretty well with stews as its natural flavors merge awesomely with sour broth, spicy with a tinge of rang broth, and many other stews that fit its taste. A prime example of this is the “Bisugo” stew with onions, Philippine tomatoes, and calamansi.

3. Tilapia


Tilapia is a freshwater fish that lives in lakes, ponds, shallow streams, rivers. Some are rarely found in brackish water or water that is located in estuaries. Throughout history, this species has been of major importance in artisanal fishing in Africa, and they are of increasing importance in aquaculture and aquaponics. 

Various Tilapia species are also found in the Philippines’ freshwater bodies. Types of Fish to Cook pens with plenty of Tilapia are a common sight in the lakes and rivers of the country like Laguna de Bay and Taal Lake. 

Furthermore, the Tilapia is an outstanding source of protein. Even more noteworthy is the number of vitamins and minerals in this Type of Fish to Cook. It is rich in niacin or an organic compound of vitamin B3 that is an essential human nutrient. Potassium, Vitamin B12,  Selenium, and Phosphorus are obtained from it as well. 

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Tilapia flesh is white and tender. The taste is mostly influenced by its living conditions (i.e. environment and food source), but it has good quality when it is mildly sweet. Just like the milkfish earlier, it can also be cooked with Sinigang. It is unique and has favorable flavors of its own. Overall, Tilapia can definitely serve as a good morsel for your stew.

4. COD


No, this is not Cash On Delivery. Cod is a fish. 

It is the shorter and much easier to use the name of the demersal fish from the family Gadus.

Cod is well-known as a food with a mild taste and a stuffed, light, and flaky flesh. The livers of Cods are processed to make cod liver oil which is an important source of Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) and of Vitamins E, A, and D.  There are numerous ways to cook Cod in a stew, which will surely fit your personal preferences! To utilize the great taste of the common Cod, filleting it is also a great idea! Overall, it will make you love fresh seafood if you still don’t!


Satisfy your hunger! You can start preparing your fresh seafood stew with many variations as you desire. Enjoy a warm meal with your family. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, a fish stew is a hearty dish that will make you want more!


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