Top 4 Internet Providers Worth Subscribing


There are a lot of factors people normally don’t look into before subscribing to any internet package. It’s almost always down to the price factor and the speed. But what people don’t account for is the multiple devices connected to the internet and the individual usage within the home.

Families often find it hard to get good connectivity in all devices simultaneously. One or a few of them have to have some buffering or connectivity or lagging issues. If your son’s in the middle of an online gaming match, chances are the video call you’re trying to have is going to see some serious issues in connectivity.

Top 4 Internet Providers in World

The United States has several Internet Service Providers that also provide other services apart from just internet plans. There are bundles that include cable or digital TV and Home Telephone services as well, with separate plans for each of these too. Here are 4 of the top Internet Service Providers across the country and why they are worth subscribing to. And you can check out the First Energy price to compare packages within your region as well.

1. AT&T Internet

There are particular hours of the day where the internet connectivity generally lags for everybody. Those are peak hours where internet traffic is at the highest. AT&T promises consistent speeds at all hours, that includes peak times, providing its customers with reliable seamless connectivity around the clock. With that being said, AT&T has a no-contract policy which is an amazing feature given how customers get tangled up in all the legalities and termination fees should they try to cancel their subscription with a service provider.

Other than being ranked as the number 1 residential internet service provider across the north-central and south regions, there is one feature that AT&T is lauded for with its customers – the ability to control your Wi-Fi network settings from your smartphones. With the AT&T smart home manager app users can manage screen time and parental controls on devices that are connected to the home internet, which includes setting schedules and pausing access on certain devices as needed.

2. Spectrum Internet

Spectrum is probably one of the best Internet providers across specific regions in the country. Not only does it have some of the best internet plans, but its bundles that provide Spectrum TV and Home Phone services are also some of the most affordable ones with great service. So why is Spectrum Internet worth subscribing to?

Spectrum Internet offers the lowest speeds of 200 Mbps for every internet plan or a bundle combining other Spectrum services. The highest can go up to 1 Gbps – and yes we mean for domestic bundles. There are no contracts involved and no termination fee either, but what’s more, is that Spectrum offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to customers with no risks involved. Isn’t that great? Customers get a fair chance to try out Spectrum services without the worry of being bound by any legalities.

3. WOW! Internet

WOW! Internet services are available across different regions in the US. With internet speeds starting from 100 Mbps and Whole Home Wi-Fi packages starting from just $9.99 there’s a lot their internet services can offer its customers.

With any of WOW!’s fast internet packages, users can upgrade to a Whole Home Wi-Fi package that offers a mesh system – providing its customers with seamless connectivity with the help of Eero. Browsing, streaming videos, gaming in any corner of your home is now possible without any interruptions. With the mobile app, users can even manage any device that is connected to the home Wi-Fi network, which includes additional security services that protect your network from any malware.

4. Optimum Internet

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Optimum’s internet services have been ranked as the most reliable one, 6 consecutive years in a row. Given that most providers still use a cable network to transmit their network services, Optimum is one of the few internet providers that uses a Fiber network to provide its internet services – which is one of the latest and fastest technologies that exists today. That means users can enjoy speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

With any of Optimum’s Internet plans and bundles, users have the privilege of built in security to protect your network from any sort of viruses and malware and at no additional costs. A recent addition to Optimum’s internet services is the Smart Wi-Fi 6 – a free Wi-Fi extender to provide full coverage to any home. The Wi-Fi 6 is essentially a mesh network that connects all devices simultaneously, with fast speeds and complete connectivity for all.


There’s always factors beyond price and internet speed that customers should look into before subscribing to any internet plans or bundles alike. A lot of providers have the ease of no contracts or termination fee, while some also provide a money-back guarantee – nonetheless it is always crucial to go over the terms and conditions before signing up for anything. It’s better to know what added features you will be getting along with your service.


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