The Importance of Name Badges and Tags That An Employee Wear

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Whenever you go to a café, some offices or even schools, you could easily recognize employees’ names, and you can approach them easily. That is because of the name badges that they pinned on their shirts or uniforms. If you are an employee yourself, you for sure have one. If a badge looks good enough, it could be an effective way to improve your business without hurting your budget. But is it really important to have them? The answer is a big yes. That badge may be small, but it has many benefits, more than you could imagine.

You can search for more details about customized name badges, and the custom lanyard that goes with the name brand is often bought together. Your company name, logo, or other information can be added to both sides of the name badge and lanyard. If you prefer pins on the clothes, but worry they will hurt your clothes, a customized magnet one is also provided. Both of them can show your company culture or specialty of yourself in a subtler way.

The Importance of Name Badges and Tags That An Employee Wear

Why Wear Name Badges

In most businesses, employees wear name tags or badges. It creates a great impression. Clients or customers could easily approach them when they wear one. So you see, it benefits both the company and its clients. Here are more reasons why badges are important.

First, it benefits new employees and visitors. If you are a new employee, you might get intimidated when you do not know everybody in the office. So if everyone wears badges, it will help you adjust and make friends easily. As for visitors, it will assure them that they are talking to the right person. That makes every employee identifiable and more approachable. Next, it enhances professionalism and appearance to employees. If every employee is wearing a badge, it shows that your business is strict in giving the best customer service to clients and that you are organized. If you give your employees name badges, that will give them that notion that they should take responsibility for their actions. That will make them feel more accountable to team members and even clients or customers. Lastly, it helps build your brand. A good-looking badge is already an instant way of advertising your company. You can put your company’s logo on it so that your employees could easily be identified that they are working for your company.

Time to Get One

Since you already know that name badges play an important role in your business, never hesitate to have that attractive or good-looking badges pinned on your employees’ uniforms. An employee’s name and position occupy most of the space on the badge. But there will still some space left for sure for your company’s logo. You can also provide the date when your company was established. If space permits, you can even mention your company’s value. Choose font styles and colours that can easily be seen. It depends on you, what you want to put on it. Just remember that that small badge also represents your company, so you have to make it look good.


Communication becomes more comfortable for customers if they know your employees’ names. So imagine if your staff or employees are not wearing badges. That awkward first approach will always be present. Good thing that most businesses from different sectors let their employees wear badges already. It is a common part of businesses nowadays. That means that many employers believe that badges work. That the reasons listed are true, and it gives a huge impact on their businesses. A thing so small yet so big. So try to look at your badge and take a minute to appreciate it.


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