Steps to Reduce Negative Marking in the Defence Exam

Steps to reduce negative marking in the defence exam

How can negative marking affect my scores in the defence exam? How can I tackle it without any hassle? What strategies or steps should I follow to surpass it effortlessly? These are some frequently asked questions of most of the aspiration filled students. For the students who plan to appear for the defence exam, reducing negative marking is one of the crucial points. A silly mistake in the defence exam can also turn one’s extreme hard work into a big failure. It’s quite obvious that negative marking can lead you to feel a wave of stress and anxiety. But don’t suffocate your mind. Just keep reading this blog with full concentration.

Tips to Reduce Negative Marking in the Defence Exam

Here we have penned down some of the efficacious steps that can easily become a paramount torchbearer for your case to tackle the negative marking in the defence exam.  If you are appearing for the defence exam for the first time then experiencing sweaty hands and unnecessarily fidgeting is quite common. Take an initiative to find how you can easily tackle the negative marking without much struggle. Gather all possible information about the defence exam so that you can qualify for it with astonishing results. Do you strive to become a protective layer of the nation by qualifying for the NDA exam? If yes, then without further ado connect with the best NDA coaching in Chandigarh.

Let’s spotlight on the meticulous steps to tackle negative marking with optimistic results: 

For the betterment of the defence exam preparing aspirants, we have compiled a list of few steps to safeguard students from the fear of negative marking. 

Step 1: Restrict Yourself from Guessing  

The first and foremost thing in this segment is never to answer your questions based on the guesses. This might be beneficial for you at the school level. However, it can become one of the biggest reasons because of which your whole preparation can go in vain while appearing for the defence exam.  Religiously keep in mind that a blind guess is just a fluke. This works on the probability where you can attain both increased and decreased marks. Why take a risk on such a platform for which you have burned the midnight oil in such an extreme manner? When it comes to the defence exam, better not rely on the mantra of your luck.

Restrict Yourself from Guessing

Always remember that hard work will surely pay you with magnificent prices instead of trying the way out of a shortcut. We truly recommend you solve the question if you are perfectly sure that you are writing the correct answer. Myriads of students follow that practice of ticking any random option in the OMR sheet. This can surely make them lose more marks instead of gaining some. Trying to gather all the information about how to surpass the negative marking level in the AFCAT exam? If yes, then for more detailed information you can deeply get assistance from the best AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh

Step 2: Skip the Not Sure Question

Adding one more point to the segment, we truly advise you to leave the particular question blank if you’re not perfectly sure about its answer. It might seem strange to you. However, leaving the not sure question is the only solution that can help you safeguard yourself from negative marking. Trying your luck or taking a risk in the defence exam can harm your entire score in a very drastic manner. Do this step with one or two questions but don’t ever skip a large number of questions.

Skip the Not Sure Question

As this can surely reflect a negative impression on the mind of the examiner. Leaving one or two questions blank is the wisest step but leaving most of the answers blank can prove to be a destructive one for your case. In order to pass with flying colors you need to answer every question smartly in the defence exam. If you hesitate in leaving any question blank, then make sure you have devotedly covered every topic while preparing for the defence exam. 

Step 3: Carefully Read the Questions

 Whether you are preparing for the defence exam or any type of competitive examination, reading the question with an open mind is something that is extremely crucial at every point. It is often noticed that most if the aspiration filled student marks the answers quickly without reading the question in a proper manner. Candidates should keep in mind that it’s almost impossible to change the answers marked in the OMR sheet. So, inculcate the habit of reading every question twice before marking the answers. 

Carefully Read the Questions

If you follow this step in a devoted manner then there is no denying the fact that you will be able to score optimistic marks in the defence exam. There is no hard and fast rule to manage the negative marking. You just have to stuff your mind with some common steps that can easily help you pass the bridge of negative marking without much struggle. Struggling hard to protect your answers from the attack of negative marking in The CDS exam? If yes, then attain deep guidance from the best CDS coaching institute in Chandigarh.

 Wrapping up

It’s extremely possible to score magnificent marks in the defence exam. With the right technique and efforts, you can easily jump off the wall of negative marking. The only mantra to do so is to follow the above laid out points in a proper manner. Religiously read these points to achieve the impossible in the upcoming defence exam. 


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