3 Things To Look for During HVAC PPC Campaign Analysis

H3 Things To Look for During HVAC PPC Campaign Analysis

Pay Per Click or PPC ad campaigns can be an outstanding investment if your HVAC company is just at the start and lacks a solid customer base. PPC gives your business an instant shot in lead generation, and it can also significantly increase your brand awareness in a minimal span. However, if you are not using the PPC campaigns correctly, all your investments will be in vain regardless of using it for years or just being a newbie in this technique.

What many people lack to understand is that the job is not done once the ad goes live. You have to do regular testing, tweaking, and PPC campaign analysis in order to get the most out of your investments. It can be a tiring task, but PPC campaign analysis is very significant for your HVAC company. To help ease your burden, HVAC SEO providers will share some points of emphasis to look out for when analyzing your PPC ads campaign.

So, if you want to learn how to boost your PPC ad campaign, keep reading this article. 

5 Things to Look Out for in HVAC PPC Ad Campaigns

Following are five things that you must always keep an eye out for when analyzing your PPC Ad campaign:

1-     Data Reports

Most HVAC contractors often omit the endless amount of data that PPC ad campaigns produce. However, this can put you at risk of wasting money as you can get blinded to important information. All data reports are imperative and must be read thoroughly as they tell you how the ads perform and whether your investments are paying off or not. 

Some tools can help analyze the data in simpler forms like heat maps can show whether the landing pages and ads are performing well or not, which CTA generated the most clicks, and at what point the viewers lost interest and exited the website. These are some of the things that can help you in making your campaign better. The heat maps provide essential data and make it easier for HVAC companies to understand them. 

Tools like heat maps can make PPC campaign analysis much more straightforward to read for all visual learners.  

2-     Automation and Algorithms

Many HVAC contractors have a significant issue: they do not have time to manage their PPC campaign once it goes live. PPC campaign analysis takes a considerable amount of time if you want to do it right.

Thus, if you are short on time, we recommend taking advantage of Google Ads automation and algorithm features instead because smart Google ad campaigns will automate several time-consuming tasks for you.

For example, the bidding process for keywords is fully automated as smart ad campaign data reporting is also simplified. Rather than flooding your account dashboard with vague information, only the most relevant data for your campaign is displayed. With ad automation, you won’t have to fret about where your ads will show. The Smart Google ads option will display your adverts across the Google network for the target audience.

3-     Competitor’s Analysis

In the digital marketing and advertising industry, it is helpful to look over the shoulders of your competitors. When you are analyzing the ad campaign, it can be beneficial to see what your successful competitors are doing that you may be lacking. Ad content is fundamental in the digital world for promising promotion. Therefore, you should keep your ad content as fresh as possible.

So, if you are lagging in creative ideas, as often the long-running PPC ad campaigns, consider some of the content tacts other HVAC companies are using. Try to examine their ad formats, their platforms for advertising, and even what CTA’s they usually use. Remember that you should never plagiarize your content but peeking now and then to your competitor’s campaigns can give you just enough inspiration to keep your ad content fresh and attractive.


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