Step by Step Guide To Understand Baseball

Understand Baseball

Personally, I think that baseball is one of the most complicated sports that exist, and I must admit that before it did not attract much attention, everyone told me that it was a matter of understanding it and after that, I would return fan.

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I admit that I thought they were exaggerating until I made it my goal to understand the basic rules of this sport and I’m glad I gave it a try, so if you don’t understand anything about baseball, we leave you the basic rules for you to become a big fanatic, you can check the baseball trivia questions website for more info and these websites helps you to play baseball.

  1. Basically, the main aim of the baseball is to get more runs than the other team; nine innings are present for the batting turn
  2. The teams are made up of nine players, apart from the reserves, which are the players who are on the bench. Defensive positions are: thrower (a pitcher), receiver (catcher), first base, second base, third base, shortstop, left fielder, center fielder and right fielder
  3. A race consists of touching the first, second and third base to reach the point called “home” – that is, the point of arrival and departure – all in order and without interruption.
  4. Being in an inning, the defending team has its nine players on the field of play, while the offense has only one, it is the batter. Throughout the match, players will take turns hitting
  5. The game begins with the batter placing himself on the home plate or vertex, then the pitcher has to throw a ball in his direction, although one of the most important rules is that, to give the pitch well, the ball has to go through a zone strike, that is, between the shoulders and the knees of the batter and also home plate width
  6. Behind the receiver is the referee, also called Umpire, who decides if the pitches are good, if this is the case, he signals with his right-hand strike, on the contrary, if they are bad, he points with his left handball or ball.
  7. If they are thrown in the strike zone they are good for the pitcher, if they are sent to the ball zone they are in favor of the batter. Although, if the pitches are bad, they can go in the pitcher’s favor when the batter tries to hit him without success. By counting three strikes, the batter, in turn, is eliminated, giving the turn to one of his teammates. If four balls are reached, the batter is awarded first base, this also happens if the batter gets to be touched by a ball, as long as he was not allowed to touch on purpose
  8. When the offensive team accumulates three eliminated hitters, positions are changed and the batting team goes on to defend
  9. A match cannot end in a draw, in this case, the teams will continue to play until one win by at least one point

As you can see, understanding baseball is both easy and complicated, but I assure you that by reviewing these rules you will quickly understand it. If you’re eager to experience the excitement of a live baseball game and witness these rules in action, don’t miss the chance to grab your 2023 Dodgers Tickets and cheer on your favorite team.


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