Six Weekend House Cleaning Tips

Six Weekend House Cleaning Tips

What’s your idea of a perfect weekend? Going out with friends, partying, or binging on a Netflix show, right? But guess what? If you’ve neglected your daily chores throughout the week, the only thing you’ll be stuck with at the weekend would be a mop.

No one likes to waste their “me time” scrubbing toilets and doing laundry. However, if you’ve regretfully indulged yourself with the illusion, “I’ll do it later,” you’ll need help cleaning up the den.

Fortunately, we’ve got just the right cleaning tips for you to wrap up those chores before the weekend ends. 

1. Declutter A Little Everyday

Doing a little bit every day and making it a habit to put things away will clear your weekend in no time. However, the best way to do it is to tackle the clutter but smartly. Whether you’re a busy homemaker or just lazy, if you’re not putting things away, they’ll soon start to take up space in your house.

First, it’ll be a few clothes, then a few books; before you know it, your home will feel like a storage unit. Speaking of which, we know how damp and hot it gets in Mississippi during the summer, especially in Hattiesburg.

And if you have unnecessary stuff lying around the house or the garage, it’ll soon bite the dust, and clothes will start smelling because of the humidity in the area. One of the best ways to clear out unwanted stuff is to sell, donate, or store.

Even though Hattiesburg is known as the ‘Hub City,’ its central position within Mississippi makes it humid and hot during the summer.

If you’re still keen on storing stuff you don’t need at the moment, we suggest looking up storage units Hattiesburg MS to find a storage space near your location. So once you’ve got that stuff out of the way, you can clear up excess clutter without worrying.

2. Easy Access to Cleaning Supplies

Your space is free, and it’s now time to clean it. Remember, the key to an effective weekend cleaning haul is that it’s quick and easy. So, it doesn’t work if you spend the entire day getting your cleaning supplies.

So, ensure you’re cutting out the extra steps and focusing on cleaning. Set a dedicated space for all sorts of cleaning supplies and tools, from disinfectants and surface cleaners to mops and wiping cloths.

Keeping your cleaning products at arm’s length is convenient because you can put back things without sifting through clutter.

3. Tackle The Higher Surfaces

Once you get the cleaning supplies in check, start cleaning from the top. This means wiping the top surfaces of everything in sight, including table tops, side tables, dressers, countertops, mirrors, windows, refrigerator surfaces, etc.

Simply dusting out or wiping visible surfaces can make a lot of difference in how clean your house looks, even if you skip mopping. Dusting all hard surfaces does 50% of the job, and you can skip deep cleaning.

Swipe with disinfectants or surface cleaners where you can and scrub where you think you haven’t cleaned for a while.

4. Start The Day With Laundry

While you’re tackling the cleaning chores with full force on a weekend, we recommend that you set up your laundry side by side with your cleaning tasks. The first thing you should do after decluttering is to gather your laundry and get the first load going while you do the rest of the chores.

Don’t just throw everything in one go and be done with it because then you’ll have a Mount Everest-sized laundry that needs folding. You can start out gradually by washing the sheets first, and as you load the second batch, try to fold the first one so you don’t end up with an endless mess.

It’s best to distribute your laundry over the whole weekend rather than doing it in one go on a single day.

5. Vacuum All The Way

Vacuuming is one of the best ways to make your house look squeaky clean without too much time and effort. Once you’ve dusted the surfaces, get your beautiful vacuum and tackle the common areas first.

If you’ve got one of those robotic vacuum cleaners, it’s best to schedule them to clean out the floors at least three to four times a week. If not, then it’s the good old mops to the rescue. Remember to vacuum rugs and carpets thoroughly; wet mop the floor with disinfectant after you’re done.

However, be careful if you’ve got wooden flooring because if your mop is dripping, all that water will seep into the floor. Always ensure that your mop is damp rather than wet.

6. Quick Bathroom Cleaning

If you schedule daily cleanups, you won’t need to dedicate your whole weekend to deep cleaning your bathroom. All you need to do is wipe down all the exterior surfaces, including the bathroom mirror, faucets, sink, vanity area, bathtub, and even the shower area.

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Rinse out the floor and give it a quick scrub before wiping away the water. With the right cleaning supplies and tools, it would take you only a few minutes to scrub your toilet and make it feel like brand new.

As a final touch, hang towels and stock up on toilet paper to have a nice Monday morning bathroom time to yourself.


Weekends are not meant for cleaning or chores, but if you are in the habit of delaying things, then you’ll have to sacrifice your Sunday to the God of mopping and wiping.

Fortunately, a cleaning routine doesn’t need to end in tears if you follow the tips highlighted above. We hope you learned something from this article; if we missed something, please tell us in the comments below.


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