Salonist – #1 Could-Based Salon Booking Software

Salonist - #1 Could-Based Salon Booking Software

Are you searching for all-in-one software to manage your Salon operations? If so, then you are in the right place!

We are here to discuss Salonist– the cloud-based Salon software that helps the Salon businesses in the booking, inventory management, Point of Sale, employee and staff management,  report & analytics, and many more.  The whole and sole aim of this management solution is to make it seamless for the beauty industry to perform its daily chores easily. At the same time, assuring a higher customer retention rate, higher revenue, and new footfall at Salon.

Of course, there are several Online booking software out there, but, one way or the other they lack. Every Salon requires a system that can support it in every possible way. Salonist is the name that can help them to the best!

No matter where you are, you can keep an eye on your Salon activities with its multi-location management feature. The best part is that it gives 24X7 customer support and resolves customers’ queries in no time.  Whatever industry you are in; either the hair salon, barbershop, spas, medical spa, aesthetic skin clinic, booth for the renter, or pet grooming software, Salonist can help you!

What is Salonist Software?

Salonist is a CRM software for the beauty and wellness industry. It is a solution that reduces the burden of Salon owners by automating the Salon operations. The software eliminates every Salon-related issue and allows Salons to look after generating more business.

Almost every Salon has become overburdened and completing the tasks and valuing customers has become complicated for them. Hence, to simplify the workflow and to improve customers’ experience, integrating such software is a must. It is definitely a need of an hour.

The best thing about Salonist is that it has features that are truly business and customer-oriented. While using the solution, you will get to know that it is designed considering the needs of the beauty industry.  Its automation process automates the major operations such as inventory, payments, appointments, online booking, etc. Saying that- Salonist is the boon to the beauty and wellness industry is correct.

How can a Salonist help you?

Salonist is known to improve the client retention rate and secure new ones. The unique yet solid features are the reason for it. Read on to find out how it could be a solution for your Salon’s higher productivity.

1. Easy Appointments

Salonist eliminate the difficulty of handling many customers at one time. Its appointment management feature is the reason behind it. Using the Salonist software, the clients can schedule their appointments at their convenience.  They can book, cancel or reschedule their bookings easily.  The drag and drop option puts the services, customers, and staff together. A reminder system helps the Salon businesses to send notifications to the customers about the upcoming appointments.

2. Inventory Management

With the inventory management feature, the Salon owners can keep an eye on the inventory and assure enough stock in it.   The solution tracks the left products and those that need to be refilled.  Also, it checks which of the stock is mostly used by the Salon staff. Controlling the inventory with the booking software improves the Salon’s effectiveness.  The data obtained in the process is monitored to have insights into the stocks. However, it is not just for a limited inventory only.

3. Reports & Analytics

Salonist enable the Salon owners to get flawless analytics. They monitor the reports on a timely basis and find if there is any growth in the Salon.  In addition, knowing the clients that the Salon has to serve is possible from the appointment chart. With this feature, you can check the performance of the Salon staff and give rewards to those who are performing best.

4. Point of Sale

The POS feature of Salonist has integration with inventory, sales, and appointment systems. It improves the possibilities of selling in volume.  The feature lets the Salon owner know that there is less stock in the warehouse. Moreover, it facilitates different payment methods for the customer to pay conveniently.  With POS,  the Salon owners can track receipts, inventory, appointments, invoicing,  retail product management, etc.

5. Location Management

Salonist allows the Salon owner to keep a check on different branches from one location only. Knowing each activity of the business, finding the details, and assigning the daily tasks is so easy with this Salon management software. Only a reliable internet connection and a handheld device are needed for maintaining the business flow.

Why choose Salonist over other Salon software?

When the customers buy some software, they keep the tendency of getting support when there would be any problem.  We have seen many Salon appointment booking software fail to do so.

Here, the Salonist is staying ahead of all. Its chat support, call support, ticket support and email support assists the customers with their queries in the best possible way. This is the reason, a Salonist is recognized and acquired .. customers in its pocket. Valuing customers is the prime aim.

Salonist Plan and Pricing

Salonist has four different plans; Basic, Starter, Business, and Enterprise for a monthly and yearly basis.  Also, the customers can use the 15-day trial before buying the plan of their choice.  Let’s find out the plans and the pricing.

Basic Plan ($29.00/ month)

  • Unlimited Appointment
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Staff Logins
  • Point Of Sale (POS)
  • Customer Feedback System
  • Staff Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Appointment Reports
  • Multiple branches
  • Customer History Management
  • Favorite staff
  • Staff Performance
  • Online Booking Management
  • Appointment Calendar
  • Staff Work schedule
  • Web booking Integration
  • Automatic Sms/ Email Notifications
  • Chat Support
  • Ticket Support
  • Salonist Pocket APP
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Website Booking Integration
  • Phone Support
  • Daily Backups
  • Advanced security

Starter Plan  ($49.00/ month)

  • Everything in Basic
  • Coupons
  • Ewallet /Membership Management
  • Product Billing
  • Products
  • SMS Campaigns
  • Packages

Business Plan ($79.00/ month)

  • Everything in Starter
  • Lead Management Pipeline
  • Inventory Reports
  • Customer After/Before Images
  • Paypal and Stripe Integration
  • Facebook & Instagram Booking
  • SMS API Integration
  • Google Calendar
  • Social Booking Integration
  • Gift Card
  • Email Campaigns
  • Addons
  • Memberships
  • Inventory Management

Enterprise Plan ($129.00/ month)

  • Everything in Business
  • Loyalty /Rewards Program
  • WareHouse Management
  • Product Consumption Reports
  • Print Barcode /Label
  • Purchase Orders
  • Expenses Management
  • Lead Management
  • Priority Support
  • Account Manager
  • Manage Cash Register
  • Manage Room Calendar
  • Consent Form
  • Membership Subscription
  • Get Mini Website


If you aim for heights in the beauty and the wellness industry, then, it is recommended to add Salonist- Salon Management Software to your Salon.  With the powerful features, it makes your Salon business more productive. You can choose the plan according to the Salon size and budget.  It is definitely a win-win!


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