Reasons for a Blocked Drain

blocked drains

If one does regular management and inspection of the piping system, they will find obstructions before they cause any damage and easily avoid blockage by rectifying it. Not only will regular maintenance keep your pipes clean, but also save you money while providing you with a peaceful existence.

Damaged Plumbing lines are caused due to many natural and human phenomenons, which are a big reason for blocked drains. Blockage of drains leads to damage to the property and poses a health hazard to the neighborhood or the family residing in the house.



Debris like dead plants, branches, shrubs can sometimes block drains, causing a problem. Sometimes the roots of trees block the drainage underneath your house because they dig deep into the earth in search of some water, and when they find it, they obstruct the sewage from passing through the pipes. Contact a tree removal Salt Lake City service to help you.


Hair is one of the most common reasons why drains are clogged in most households, although this can easily be avoided by being extra cautious and removing them when you spot them lurking in your drain.


Sometimes grease from our bathing products blocks the drain and doesn’t allow liquids to pass. It, hence, causes a major inconvenience. Avoid using products with sulfates, parabens, and grease in them as they are not suitable for your hair and neither for your drain.


People have a habit of flushing down sanitaryware down the drain, and most of the time, they are diapers and baby wipes. Both of these products absorb water and increase in size, blocking the drain and not letting the sewage pass through the pipes,

Heavy Rain and Storms

Drains aren’t typically built to defend themselves from the ravages of nature. During heavy rainfall, drains tend to get blocked due to the overflow of water and other substances that will choke the drain.

Broken Pipes

Sometimes pipes that are broken play a considerable role in creating this problem. The difficulty is higher in solving this problem because sometimes the pipe break is not visible, and the problem’s diagnosis is made wrong. If the space surrounding the pipe is narrow, it’ll be even more challenging to repair the pipe.

Poor Water Flow

If the water pressure in the tap and shower is very low, then drains tend to get clogged because the pressure is so low that water cannot move.

Bad Pipe Installation

While installing your pipe on your own saves money and does seem easy, repairing it if anything goes wrong is costly. Sometimes the pipes might get fractured or installed so that the water is supplied at low pressure. That’s why professionals should install pipes at your new home so that you can get a warranty against drain blocks.

Foreign Objects

Sometimes foreign objects might be flushed or washed down in the sewage like Mobile phones, jewellery, kids toys, food, metal pieces, electrical appliances, and other such objects with high density and mass and can cause the blocking of a drain.

We should be careful with our drains because they provide us hygiene, and if they are blocked, we should immediately call a professional who will solve the problem in no time or look up DIY’s that are proven and do the trick.


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