My Mother – An Untold Story

mother story

The constant pitter-patter of the rain. Now and then a flash of lightning. Suddenly a nurse came from the OT within asking me for some further details. I gave it to her and stood withdrawn looking outside the window. I couldn’t understand what was more ravaging, the storm brewing outside, or the one in my thoughts. Had I committed a grave mistake in accepting my mum’s idea? Had I been too selfish in the quest to achieve? As I slid in the chair beside the window my thoughts traveled far and wide. Let me tell you one unsung story of my mother.

My Mother – An Untold Story

Even from the vivid childhood memories that I could recall, mother had always been the only constant in my life. Father had left us when I was barely a year old and from then on mother had taken great pains in devoting whatever she could muster for my upbringing. Tuitions by the day and stitching in the night kept our home alive. That tired face braved all odds for me yet that smile never left her face. I burnt the midnight oil with her, excelling in studies trying to relieve some burden in any way possible. Things started to take a happy turn of events and I became capable enough to support my mother single-handedly. Content in our little world, mother and me had started afresh, rediscovering joys which perhaps had been lost in the sands of time. With god’s grace, we managed to find a groom- Ronak suitable enough for me, who had no qualms in me supporting mother even after marriage. All was well, but had I spoken too quickly?

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In an unfortunate turn of events and even after trying for 5 years I couldn’t become a mother. The mounting pressure from Ronak’s family again threw me into the turmoil of emotions one which was not hidden from my mother. She coerced me to not give up and researched for every possible option. Visiting every doctor and temple she left no stone unturned. Alas her prayers were answered. There was an option which I and Ronak could explore and have the joys of parenthood – Surrogacy, but who would be willing to become our surrogate? For months we searched but couldn’t find someone suitable enough.

Seeing our dejected demeanor, mother sat with us one day. Perhaps she had thought about it for a long time. She suggested in a firm voice,” I will be your surrogate”. I looked at her incredulously, thinking that she was just trying to lighten our moods, but she was dead serious. She was adamant and wouldn’t budge. She answered all our doubts and worries and at last we also gave in to her demand, sealing our fates with hers. What started off as an absurd idea was now becoming the most cherished time for me and my mother. The journey of nine months was challenging yet fulfilling. On the face I would not reflect my deepest fears for her health and safety mixed with the guilt of the strong desire to have a child. It is always seen that a mother expectantly prepares for the next generation anticipating the arrival of the little feet but in my case, the mother was fighting to make her daughter experience the joys of motherhood.

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Ronak patted me on the shoulder. I woke with a start, having slept through the 3 hours waiting period. The sun had risen, casting slanting beams of light across the corridor. There was a new hope for this bright morning. Today was the day of the final judgment. Mother was inside the OT and we all were huddled outside waiting for good news. Suddenly there was some movement from within. The tired and weary-looking doctor emerged in scrubs. He looked at me in the eye and said, “Congratulations on becoming a mother, baby girl has arrived. Your mother is on the way to recovery and looking at her will power she would be on her feet in no time”. I couldn’t control the flow of tears which streaked across my face. Holding my baby on one hand I visited mother. She was there with the same contented smile on her face.

Like a miracle by the supreme mother had made her daughter a mother. Happy Mother’s day to all of you.

(Inspired by true events)


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