Reviews – Things to Know Before You Buy Here

463 Reviews - Things to Know Before You Buy Here

Are you planning to buy shoes from but confused about whether you should go for it or not? Is this website or e-commerce store trustworthy or a scam? Do you want to know the honest reviews about this store? If yes, this blog is just yelling your name as we have mentioned a genuine review about So, without any further ado, let’s dive deep into today’s main topic. – Introduction is a web portal that sells Nike Jordan shoes. Unlike other online websites, the official web portal of this store isn’t properly structured and lacks key elements. Hence, it looks somewhat unprofessional.

Let’s move on to the point and figure of its background. So, this website existed 7 months ago which doesn’t make it look reliable at all. One must shop from a website that has a high trust rate, credibility and respect. Well, these all are missing in the case of

Website Content

Customers can know about the company, its product and services and a lot more via the content of the website. However, the content of this website is not genuine and is only copied from other websites. We have made thorough research and checked the plaque ratio of the website which was 100%. Not just content, but the pictures used are totally fake and downloaded from the internet. This shows that this website is just a scam because legit websites don’t do such things with their official websites.

Store Information on the Website

Authentic brands and stores mention the correct and 100% accurate information about their address, mobile number and email id. Let’s have a look at the information mentioned on

Address mentioned: 1519 Laurel Street ,Palatka,Florida,UNITED STATES,Ayesha Leonard, U.S.A.

Contact Information: ‪‪(386) 972-4198

Given Email Id:

Observing these details scrupulously, you will get to know that the address given is totally fake as it is a residential address. Moreover, they have changed their email ids around 3 times till now which shows that the website is not a legit one and is entirely unreliable.

Available Payment Methods

The payment acceptable by is only through visa and master card. There is no cash on delivery option. Moreover, it has been found that when some of the people tried to make payment through their card an error message occurred after they made their payment. This not only occurred a single time but many times and plenty of people have experienced the same situation. This shows that website is totally unprofessional and not anything else than a scam.

Why not trust

Here are some reasons that will make it clear why you should not make any purchase from this website:

  • Information about the owner is hidden.
  • Content is totally duplicated from other websites.
  • They claim to sell original Nike Jordan shoes but the cost is too cheap which is just hard to believe.
  • No existence on social media.
  • The website is not secure.
  • The trust rate of the store is very low.
  • Fake reviews with a 5-star rating, which is impossible.
  • The domain of the website is new, nearly 6-7 months old.

Jordanusd.Net on WhoIs

Everyone has to fill their information online while purchasing a domain. Users can directly check the information about on WhoIs.

Jordanusd.Net on WhoIs

Final Thoughts

So, this was the crucial information about the website that claims to sell original Nike Jordan shoes at affordable prices. Now, it’s your choice whether you should make a purchase from this website or must rely on a reliable store to avoid getting into the trap of fraudsters.


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