Manly: Sydney’s Crown Jewel

Manly: Sydney

Australia is probably the most challenging country to write the perfect travel itinerary for. No tour package is going to do it justice, especially if it’s a short trip. However, if you genuinely want a whiff of what the country as a whole is about, there should be just one place on your mind: Manly: Sydney. 

Manly is a sub-urban district off the coast of Sydney and is the new go-to location for tourists. Whether you enjoy trekking, kayaking, or merely taking in the view from waterfront Manly restaurants, Manly has something to cater to everyone’s taste. Here are five things you would not want to miss during your visit to this adventure ridden yet relaxing paradise: 


Let the expert’s hands guide you into the deep. Learn about iconic Australian ocean life like the cuttlefish and the blue groper in this hands-on experience. Not to worry, though – tourists are given only the highest quality equipment and suits. 

Guides will clearly explain instructions and allow you into the water only if you’re confident and abide by safety protocols. They will join you in the water too and give you explanations of the marine life found in these calm, clear waters. Who knows? You might spy upon a rare Australian Sea Dragon!


Do you enjoy taking part in watersports? Well, look no further! Manly’s solo kayaking experience is like no other and perfect for a thrillseeker on a budget. It suits all ages and requires no prior experience. Guides provide instructions and kayaking equipment before they allow you to enter the water. It is an excellent option for those that prefer fun on the surface rather than underwater. Take in the scenery at your own pace in this four-hour endeavour. 

Helicopter Tour of the coast of Sydney

Not on a budget? Sick of staying underwater or on land? Take to the skies instead! Get a birds-eye view of the Australian coastline as you take a sky cruise on your private helicopter. You will see Bondi, Coogee, and Manly’s northern beaches along with the more popular sights of the Sydney Opera House and Manly Harbour. The friendly pilots provide live commentary throughout too! It is a pricier option on this list, but indeed the most unforgettable one.


Want a similar experience to the helicopter tour but are scared of heights? Then this is the best alternative option for you. Be part of a small group aboard a ship taking you across deeper waters and through rarely accessible beaches. Enjoy live commentary as you pass by the Harbour Bridge, Fort Denison, and The Sydney Opera house. Stop for tea at the infamous Quarantine Station. It is a perfect way to relax post-lunch and provides plenty of photo opportunities!


Uninterested in both sea and air travel? A road trip might be the perfect choice for you. Starting your day off with Manly Beach, you and your family can customize the locations you’d like to see on this private road trip. Popular destinations include Fort Denison, North Head Sanctuary, and other beaches further up north. Enjoy any choice of cuisine at one of the waterfront Manly restaurants. Experience Sydney in a way that even locals are yet to experience!

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Australia is one of the world’s cultural capitals due to its diverse flora, fauna, food, and, most importantly – the people. Manly is the perfect destination to experience the best of the three.


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