Key Steps to Finding the Perfect Name for Your Business in 2021-22

Perfect Name for Your Business

Any entrepreneur who starts a business and takes the time to find the perfect name is like a good farmer who plants his seeds on fertile ground. But any entrepreneur who makes the mistake of giving their brand a weak name is like a person trying to cultivate a beautiful flower in the scorching desert sand.

And just as hot desert sands aren’t conducive for flowers, your brand needs a solid foundation to bloom into a thriving business. Every business needs a perfect name, not just because it’s essential to a brand’s existence and increases its online presence, but also because it gives true value that transcends a brand’s survival and influences its development and success.

It doesn’t matter your industry; having a great brand name will do more than just help your company survive because that’s not all it’s capable of. And just in case you’re wondering how you can get the best name for your business, here’s a simple guide on how to do it.

Major Brands are Adopting Better Names

To be clear, countless old and new businesses have understood that without the perfect name leading their brand, there is little possibility of success.

That’s why Cadabra became Amazon, Blue Ribbon Sports became Nike, and Backrub became Google. These companies took practical steps to improve their brand identities, and today, they’ve become industry leaders.

Getting the perfect brand name helped these brands:

    • Attract loyal customers
    • Connect emotionally with their audience
    • Recruit dedicated and competent staffs
    • Increase customer referrals
    • Increasing their revenue

Now that you understand why a great name is crucial to your business let’s get into finding the perfect name for your business.

How to Find the Perfect Brand Name

How to Find the Perfect Brand Name

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Visualize Your Business

Every experienced entrepreneur understands that the level of success a business owner achieves with their brand is directly connected to the quantity and quality of knowledge they possess and use.

So, if you want to design a product or brand that will captivate your target audience, you’ll need to collect a lot of information about:

  • Your business
  • Your target customers
  • Your brand’s competitors
  • Your industry

And, sure, the key to getting the best result lies in gathering a lot of information from all of these sources.

Start by getting the big picture of what works and what doesn’t in your market, understand your customers’ expectations and balance them with your brand’s personal touch.

It’s vital to remember that outstanding brand names are only derived from strong brand concepts, and that’s because naming a strong concept is much simpler than naming a weak one.

Choose an Appealing Brand Tone

A brand’s tone is the unseen appeal that influences how strongly people are drawn to your business. If you don’t get the correct tone, your brand will lose its strength and will be unable to connect with your target audience.

However, if you have a deep grasp of your audience and business, you’ll be able to develop a tone that corresponds to your customer’s needs and expectations.

Apple is simply the name of another fruit, but Steve Jobs filled the word with his brand’s ideals. Today, Apple stands out in the IT world as a simple, beautiful, and unique brand that ‘thinks differently.’

Know Your Brand’s Elements

You must understand that the elements of your brand are the heart of your company. Understanding your brand’s major ideas, beliefs, story, culture, and value proposition will help you quickly discover these elements.

Your brand’s elements are excellent pointers to the perfect name, and they’ll also play a key part in helping you create a business that’s relatable to customers.

Start Brainstorming 

It’s time to turn on your entrepreneurial imagination and let it fly free like the wind. Look through dictionaries, thesaurus, everywhere and anywhere for words that convey your brand’s message and personality.

Brainstorming demands a lot of time, concentration, discipline, and energy. And if all of this seems too much for you, build a team and inform them of your brand’s naming requirements so they can ease the naming process and help you find the best name.

But if building a team isn’t your thing, then a strong company name generator is your best bet because it can generate unique names that’ll trigger curiosity and spark your customer’s imagination.

Trademark Your Name 

Using a name already trademarked by some other brand will definitely put your new company in serious trouble. So, before selecting the best name for your company, make sure you double-check the word with the US Patent and Trademark Office to confirm it hasn’t already been trademarked.

Save Your Brand

Your brand’s name is the lifeblood of your business, so make sure you pour yourself into every aspect of its naming process so you can find the best name that’d maximize your brand’s potential in the market.

Find the perfect brand name and save your business from becoming one of the 26% of brands that lack a strong brand identity because it’ll make it easier to generate the leads your business needs.


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