Is Bobslot (Formerly Legit or Scam?

Is Bobslot (Formerly Legit or Scam

Website Name:

Website Niche: Online Car Sales

Is Fake or Real?

We have found that bobslot is fake website.

Do you love cars? Are you planning to purchase a brand-new luxury car? If yes, then it is good to do popper research before purchasing a car to avoid regretting later. Nowadays, people prefer doing online research as it saves their precious time and provides every piece of information regarding model, size, price, and features without moving anywhere.

Well, not every type of information available online is liable. Many online portals provide fake information and some innocent people get scammed. From plenty of websites that deal with cars, today we are going to highlight some information about one such website named bobslot. 

What is

Bobslot is a website that claims to sell cars, trucks and SUVs at the lowest prices. The website affirms to provide top-notch services to all its customers. We haven’t any confirmed information about the website’s past record but the content on the company is existing and thriving for the past 14 years and has a network of more than 20 car dealers. 

If you want to make a purchase from this inventory, you must have residential proof and job proof. This forces people to think about whether the website is legit or a scam. Let’s explore this. 

Some Crucial Information About

We have identified some information about the address, customer care number, email address and a lot more about bobslot: 

1) Official Address

It has been found that this car dealership industry is based in the United States. Apart from this information, nothing is mentioned on their official website. They haven’t declared their exact address.

2) Customer Care Number

The customer care number provided on the website is 1(877)270-2627 which seems to be dubious and fake.

3) Email address

No email address is provided on the website which shows this is a scam because a professional company never forgets to mention its authentic email address.

4) Payment Method

Both online payment and cash on delivery is available. But, they will try to convince you for online payment which does not seems genuine.

paying cash

5) Category

The website claims to deal in cars, trucks and SUVs. But, it seems fishy that its very tough for one single operator to handle all categories at once.

6) Delivery Details

They haven’t mentioned any information about how many days it will take to deliver the product once the order is placed.

7) Return Policy

Nothing is mentioned about the return policy on their official website. This is also one of the reasons to not buy from here. 

8) Domain Details

The domain details on Whois are private which seems fishy. who is

Advantages of Bobslot

Until it is clarified whether the website is legit or a scam, we will consider the advantages as the only features mentioned on the official website. So, let’s have a look at the pros of bobslot: 

  • You don’t need to pay money at once as installments are accepted by the company. You can choose either a long-term or short-term contract for payment to buy the vehicle of your own choice without getting pressurized. 
  • Cash on delivery option is also available. 
  • The prices for even luxury and expensive vehicles are affordable. 
  • You can easily get notifications about the availability of your favorite vehicle. 
  • They have a vast network of more than 20 car dealers. 
  • Apart from money, only residential and job proof is required to make the purchase, nothing else. 

Disadvantages of Bobslot

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, the website has a number of disadvantages as well. So, let’s discover the cons of the bobslot website: 

  • The website is not for users below 18. 
  • They have not a single review on their official website. 
  • They have no existence on social media platforms. 
  • They hardly update their website. 
  • No details about the owner and the company are provided on the website. 
  • Many people had a terrible experience with the website. 

Is bobslot legit or a scam – Final Verdict?

We have researched everything from their official website to social media accounts. We got the website but didn’t find much information on it. However, they have no presence on social media platforms which puts a big question on their liability.

Still, we have made a decision on the basis of the information provided on the website. As they haven’t mentioned anything about the owner, address, email id and a lot more other details, it is hard to trust them.

Moreover, we have tried to talk with the customers who placed an order from this website and they said they haven’t got their orders yet. Moreover, they have no responses or reviews from the customers which makes it clear that this website is a scam. So, avoid purchasing anything from this website if you want to secure your hard-earned money. 


To conclude, it is good to get online information and make a purchase online, but you need to be very careful about scams that are happening everyday in this modern world. So, this was all about bobslot. Now, you have got your answer, so think twice before making a deal through this website.


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