How to Resolve & Trigger Quickbooks Abort Error | Possible Solutions

    Quickbooks Abort Error

    QuickBooks is a successive and smart business accounting tool that helps users by offering multiple additional features. It includes a 30 days free trial of QB software and gets a money-back guarantee for the premium users. QuickBooks offers the authority of accessing the same company file at multiple systems simultaneously. Even, it is very simple to use and its features are easy to run on the system. Same as other software it also shows some technical error issues while running appropriately on the system. Here we discuss QuickBooks Abort Error code who damages your system and also affects your business productivity. All the issues are required to be fixed in an appropriate manner.

    Quickbooks Abort Error

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    What is actually understood by“QuickBooks Abort Error“?

    QuickBooks Abort Error generally displays on your computer screen when they are saving changes in their working QB software. This error leads to unsuccessful fetching of data and company files. The working PC of users closes automatically without applying any operations on the system. Due to the occurrence of this error, your system will restart automatically. You are unable to work on your PC effectively. You have to troubleshoot this error as soon as possible.

    What are the possible effects of QuickBooks Abort Error Code?

    Let’s focus on some possible symptoms of QuickBooks Abort Error. It plays a vital role in degrading software performance. If you are unable to identify the identity of your issues then check out these symptoms on your PC during launching your QuickBooks Company file.

    • Your working system slows its performance and also closes immediately. At that point, you are unable to work efficiently on your system.
    • It causes when your system attempts to crash frequently then you will have to trigger QuickBooks Abort Error instantly.
    • QuickBooks Abort error pop-ups displaying on your working screen.
    • Your software starts terminating if you are working on Windows 8 OS.
    • QuickBooks Abort Error pops both the time period either running the tasks or at the time shot down the system.

    What are the Causes of QuickBooks Abort Error code on your system?

    QuickBooks Error code displays due to multiple reasons for your working system. It automatically stops responding and is unable to launch the QuickBooks Company file. The error often appears on your screen in the context of missing and damaging the QBWUSER.ini file of QuickBooks. Sometimes any corruption made in QuickBooks hard drives and its program files will cause QuickBooks Abort Error.

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    • Something mishappening with your system Hard drive.
    • Corruption in your Windows registry and the Operating system.
    • Damaging of system program files.
    • It might occur due to some pending unapproved updates of QuickBooks Accounting Tool.
    • Multiple QuickBooks holders are hosting the same company files simultaneously.
    • When your Antivirus and Firewall blocks some running business operations of your system in the background.
    • Your system works on specified sleep time and hibernation mode. And, It is turned on while you are saving the QB company file or saving any other changes.

    How to settle down QuickBooks Abort Error?

    We offer you multiple solutions that help you a lot in settling your QB Abort technical error issues. You need to apply all the solutions to your affected system for fixing the error by wasting your time, money, and efforts.

    Solution 1: Renaming your file that is QBWUSER.ini file

    • In the beginning, you will have to choose Rename by right-clicking on the QBWUSER.ini file for renaming the existing file.
    • After that simply type ‘.old’. And use this extension at the end of the existing file name.
    • Now you will have to offer a new and unique name to the file which is named as ‘EntitlementDataStore.ECML”.
    • After completion of the renaming procedure of files, simply try to launch the company file.
    • If the issue still persists in opening the QB company file, then make a copy of the file in the other separated folder.
    • After that, try to run the file in that newly created folder.

    Note: If none of the steps help you in fixing the issue. It means your QB company files are corrupted or damaged due to some reasons stated above.

    Solution 2: Unauthorized to Hosting the Multi-User Access.

    • Simply reach the File option and then hit the Utilities.
    • Now, you will have to choose the ‘Stop Hosting Multi-User Access’ for unauthorized existing permissions.

    Solution 3: Running of QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

    QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool will help you a lot in fixing the technical error issues. You will; have to download your corrupted system to fix the issue. If the tool is already existing on your system then run it immediately. Else, download the tool from the Inuit’s official website. The tool is freely and easily available to help QB users.


    In case, all the solutions stated above are unsuccessful to encounter your QuickBooks Abort Error. At that point simply get in touch with our QuickBooks Support customer support service. Here our experts offer you 24*7 support and assistance facility to fix all your basic and complicated issues. Contact us whenever you are willing for the best and innovative solutions as per your queries.


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