Health & Hygiene for Caravan Travellers

Health & Hygiene for Caravan Travellers

Caravan trips are not only a brilliant way of spending quality time with your family away from home, but they are also the ideal choice for those who want to immerse themselves in nature, yet still retain relative comfort.

Naturally, your health is always of top priority, and the following caravanning tips will help you remain happy, healthy, and hygienic for the entire duration of your trip.

Thoroughly Clean Before You Leave

First and foremost, whether or not you regularly use your caravan, it is absolutely essential to conduct a full and thorough clean of the entire vehicle, ideally inside and out, ahead of your trip.

Keep the windows open for a good few hours the day before you leave, disinfect everything from the toilet seat to all door and cupboard handles and the appliances, and clean all surfaces will soapy water.

In addition, remember to pack enough tea towels, towels, a spare sheet, and microfibre cloths to keep on top of the cleanliness throughout your trip too, as well as hand sanitiser.

Protect Against Bed Bugs

If you have been keeping a beady eye on the national and international news recently, you will already be aware of the rise in reported cases of bed bug infestations, particularly in caravans and motor homes.

Now, it could well be that you and your family will never encounter this problem, but to avoid ruining the vacation, looking into preventing caravan bed bug infestations would be advisable.

Ensure the quilt and sheets are steam cleaned, or ideally brand-new, that the carpets have been meticulously vacuumed and cleaned, and that you keep the doors closed through the night.

Personal Hygiene Tips

Now, on vacation, nobody is expecting you to awake at seven o’clock in the morning, bathe, and be in a three-piece suit by breakfast time, but personal grooming is just as important when you are away as when you are at home.

Make sure you put together a generous travel kit, including toiletries such as toothpaste and a toothbrush, moisturizer, shampoo, mouthwash, and sunscreen, as well as any grooming tools and additional products you always use to make you feel ready for the day.

If you cannot shower while you are away, ensure you bring baby wipes and plenty of deodorant and aftershave and that you change your clothes at least once a day, especially after hiking, swimming, or engaging in any other outdoor activity.

Eat Relatively Healthily

Finally, not only will eating relatively healthily while you are on vacation give you more energy and more time in the day to throw yourself into any planned activities, but you will also feel much better when it comes to getting back to your normal routine.

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Keep cooking simple, and if you are traveling in the summer, stick to pasta dishes with fresh and colourful salads, whereas for winter vacations, simple yet delicious stir fries or even prepare one-pot meals cooked in a slow cooker ready for the evening.


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