Four remarkable benefits of drinking coffee you must know

drinking coffee

Drinking Coffee has been a part of human civilisation since at least the 15th century. Its first recorded use was in the Arabian peninsula. It was initially known as ‘Qahwah’ in old Arabic and later transformed to ‘Kahveh’. The Dutch later called it ‘Koffie’, which became coffee in English soon after. From getting banned for superstitious reasons in old ages to being vilified inaccurately for health issues in the modern-day, coffee has seen so much drama that it didn’t deserve. It is a humble beverage that is available even as a coffee subscription in australia. Here are some of the less known benefits of coffee for human health.

Coffee is reported to be “one of the most widely consumed beverages worldwide” with many unable to contemplate a morning without it. When looking further into the health benefits of coffee, it’s easy to see why it’s not only widely consumed but also one of the healthiest in boosting longevity and reducing the risk of serious diseases. How?

Rich in antioxidants

Coffee is one of the most famous and healthiest drinks in the whole world. One of the biggest reasons for this is the high concentration of antioxidants in it. It is, in fact, the highest contributor to antioxidants in the western diet. A 2003 study conducted by the department of metabolism and nutrition in an institute in Madrid revealed that coffee provided more antioxidants than vegetables and fruits. Antioxidants are essential because they suppress free radical production in the body. Free radical production in the human body causes issues like accelerated ageing and disorders like cancer. Having at least three daily cups of sugar-free coffee can provide enough antioxidants for the days. Drinking coffee can also lead to a moderate, temporary increase in blood pressure.

“Whether we drink a lot of coffee, a little, or avoid caffeine altogether, this study shows that genetics are guiding our decisions to protect our cardio health,” Professor Elina Hyppönen, who led the research and directs the Australian Centre for Precision Health at the university.

Enhances mental health

Coffee has components in it that are good for the brain. A 2011 clinical study conducted by the Harvard school of public health talks about how coffee can reduce brain-related ailments like depression and suicidal tendencies to around 20 per cent. The stimulants present in coffee, including caffeine, have significant neuroprotective effects in humans. Coffee also contains Chlorogenic acids that effectively reduce mental decline caused by ageing. People who drink significant amounts of coffee are also resistant to degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Dementia in several studies. Coffee is one of the most famous and healthiest drinks in the whole world. One of the biggest reasons for this is the high concentration of antioxidants in it. It is, in fact, the highest contributor to antioxidants in the western diet.

Natural fat burner

Coffee is one of the most natural and effective fat burners in existence. The caffeine in coffee can significantly enhance metabolism in humans by utilising the stored fat in the body. Scientists at the Nestle research centre in Switzerland revealed that coffee causes around 10 per cent fat loss in obese people. They also found out that this can increase up to 29 per cent in slim people. It is also why caffeine is the main ingredient in every dedicated fat burning product available in the market. Sticking to coffee is the better option as other components in fat burning products like yohimbine are less researched and could have potential side effects.

In other coffee-related brain findings, a recent study found that regular caffeine consumption is tied to reduced gray matter volume; however, this reduction is not due to caffeine’s negative impact on sleep. The findings showed that the impact of caffeine on gray matter appears to be temporary, with a rebound after a period of abstinence. Whether these changes are harmful or have any functional consequences remains unclear. The reduced volume was most evident in the right medial temporal lobe, including the hippocampus, which is essential to memory consolidation.

Natural pre-workout

Coffee is a natural pre-workout. A strong cup of coffee had thirty minutes before the gym can enhance physical performance and add to increased sets and reps. Coffee stimulates adrenaline production in the body. So it may come as a surprise that regular coffee drinkers either have normal or reduced blood pressure compared with people who do not drink coffee. Adrenaline increases peak physical performance relative to the stock capabilities of the human body. Enhancement in physical performance can help get more effect out of a session and increase gains in the gym. The influence of caffeine on fat loss is also an extra benefit for the fitness-oriented.

The humble coffee is a favourite for people of all nations and cultures. It is available everywhere in the world in different forms. Getting a coffee subscription in australia is the easiest way to have stock of it. Its history and cultural significance are closely associated with humanity as a whole and its health benefits are many.


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