Ditch Plastic and Try These Awesome Reusable Products Instead

Ditch Plastic and Try These Awesome Reusable Products

The disastrous effects of plastic are no secret to all of us. The depletion of the ozone layer, filling up of landfills and the increase in pollution are some of the hazards caused by plastic. It is high time we take responsibility and work towards reducing its consumption. Switching to Reusable Products like bamboo toothbrushes, canvas grocery bags, zero waste kitchen supplies are some of the healthy alternatives that you can incorporate in lives.

Try These Awesome Reusable Products

Even while picking presents, instead of purchasing those fancy showpieces, buy flowers. Take up public transport and carpooling if it is possible. Here are some more reusable products that you can use and totally ditch plastic from your life:

  • Yoga Mat

You will be surprised to know that there are yoga mats made out of recycled bottles. These mats provide excellent grip, easy to clean (you can just wipe) and the base is made from natural tree fibers. The best part is even though it is a combination of mat and towel, the material is well-cushioned for optimum support. You can even wash them in the washing machine when it gets dirty or sweaty.

  • Reusable Straws

Metal straws are very much popular these days but if you want to make it more interesting, buy the incredible silicone straws. What makes silicone straws better than the metal ones are they are easily portable, bendable and look very pretty. Most of these come with cases and cleaning squeegees so that would make the experience easier.

  • Reusable Razor

Razors made of stainless steel and bamboos are gaining popularity. They provide a lot more precise and closer shave than the flimsy, dinky plastic ones. After the blades go dull or blunt, just buy a pack of new ones without having to discard the entire razor. People have also experienced no razor burns as the high polished steel glides very smoothly through that stubble. Make this switch and you will notice a tremendous difference between the disposable and the reusable products. So, the next time you are buying those beautiful anniversary rosesspend a little more and get your friend or partner these amazing razors.

  • Pet Poo Bags 

Did you know there are biodegradable bags for your little pets that you can use for throwing their poo? These vegetable-based, leak-proof and extra thick bags do not tear off easily. These are compostable and you can easily toss them in an organic bin or a compost bin. If your friend has a kitten, don’t just send them a bouquet online on their birthdays. Get them these handy-dandy poo bags and they will love for your effort.

  • Jewelry

Reusable jewelry has become very common in recent times. Jute, clothing scraps, recycled leather, and wooden pieces are some of the materials used for creating quirky earrings and neckpieces. You can even find bangles and brooches made out of old fabrics. They look very bright and can add a pop of color to any outfit. These super cute jewelry pieces make for a great present as well. So, if you are planning to buy something for your friend, just order flowers online and a pair of earrings- there you have your zero waste, eco-friendly gift! You can even get them customized as per your choice. Doesn’t that sound cool?

  • Battery Charger

No, we are not talking about power banks. It is annoying to buy new batteries every time our TV remote stops functioning. Buy a battery charger instead which can charge as many as four batteries at the same time. You can use them a lot more times than usual. The charger power-offs automatically as soon as the batteries get fully charged. When the indicator light blinks, that’s when you know it is all done. It is also great for households with kids. You can charge the batteries of the little one’s toys as many times as you want.

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Most of us don’t know the proper way of disposing of dead batteries. They often end up in landfills and that just makes Mother Earth weep. What’s worse is they can undergo chemical reactions while decomposing. This leads to them emitting greenhouse gases while sending chemicals in the soil. This is extremely hazardous for the plants that would grow in that soil. It may also end up losing its fertility or poisoning the crops.

These were some amazing reusable products that you need in your life right now. These will help you towards sustainable, eco-friendly living. You can even make healthier choices in other ways. For example, if your best friend is in Bangalore, instead of sending expensive birthday gifts, send cake to Bangalore instead. Also, using both sides of the paper, saying no to cutlery and napkins at takeaway restaurants, and walking or cycling to shorter distances are some other ways in which you can save the planet.


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