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 Best Cell Phone Tracker App for Employers

Cell Phone Tracker App

Are you concerned about the productivity of your workers? Are you suspicious of your workers killing their duty hours using mobile phones? Do your workers misuse the company internet and visit unproductive and entertaining sites? All your problems can be resolved with the best cell phone tracker app for employee monitoring. You can watch out your workers’ smartphone usage during duty hours. Get their devices installed with the tracker and keep an eye on their activities inside and outside the workspace. In this article, we have reviewed the best mobile phone monitoring app for business owners and managers. Read on to know more about it.

Cell Phone Tracker App for Employee Monitoring

The supervision of company-owned digital devices is crucial to prevent workers from misconduct, data breach, and treachery. The best phone tracking app for smartphones lets employers know how their workers use their digital devices during their working hours. It also helps to watch out the usage of company-owned mobile phones. Moreover, it helps to protect data saved on company devices.

High-tech features of the monitoring solution

The surveillance software comes preloaded with several high-tech features. These features enable the employer to keep an eye on cell phone screens of their workforces. Read on to know about the most advanced features of the app.

Screen recording

The spy app lets you see what your employees are doing on their phones in real-time. Remaining in your cabin, you can keep an eye on the mobile phone screen of your worker and you do not need surveillance cameras or human supervision to do so. The tracker installed on your worker’s phone starts screen recording on receiving your command. You can retrieve the recorded screen anytime via the online portal of the app.


The spy app provides access to the credentials of online accounts operated by your employees. It records key logs of passwords, email addresses, and important data entered on the phone.

Monitor Emails

The emails received and sent by your workers can be read directly from the online portal of the spy app. It allows preventing phishing and deceptive emails. The supervision of official email accounts also averts data breach.

Track browsing history

The employee monitoring app helps to restrict workers from internet abuse. The employer can find out what their workers do using the internet on their android smartphones. The app syncs the internet browsing history of employees’ phones and uploads to a web portal from where the employer can access it anytime. It also allows retrieving deleted browsing history. In this article, we have reviewed the best employee monitoring software and best mobile phone monitoring app for business owners and managers. Read on to know more about it.

Compatibility of the app

The app is compatible with all android mobile phones and tablets running Android 5 to Android 9.1. It supports the most commonly used smartphone brands including Samsung, Haier, Huawei, LG, Motorola, and Sony. The android device should be rooted to avail of all features of the app.

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The monitoring app for digital devices provides great support to business managers and entrepreneurs. It helps to boost employee productivity by keeping them from unproductive acts. The use of employee surveillance solution can be kept confidential because the app works with secrecy.



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