A Quick Guide: Most Popular Types of Office Desks

office desks

Technology may be evolving non-stop, but nothing can replace the functionality of a high-quality office desk. Your office desks is your home away from home, so it pays to get the best ones that will last you a long time.

Whether you are planning to redesign your office space or you need to replace an old office table, there are a lot of designs and types from which you can choose. This guide will get you acquainted with the available options to help you make an informed decision later on.


  • Wood

The wood quality greatly varies. Hardwoods like walnut, mahogany, oak and cherry are known to provide durable office desks, not to mention stunning designs. However, top-quality comes at high costs. If budget is not a cause of worry, you might want to consider investing in these materials. Wood offers timeless beauty to your office; and with woodworking versatility and paint options, you can have your wood desk in almost any design you wish it to be.

  • Glass

Glass is another great option, considering they are easy to match with any interior design. For normal office use, glass desks are a good choice. Available in tinted, smoky and frosted colours, these are elegant additions to any professional office space. However, because of its brittleness, they are not recommended in harsher areas or offices, such as high-traffic and manufacturing areas.

  • Metal

Among the most durable choices, you will surely be ready for an upgrade before a metal desk wears out. With metal desks, you know you will get years of good use for your investment. But like the first two options, it has its downside, too—its design flexibility is limited. So, make sure to choose your desk material wisely.

Popular Types of Desks

  • Executive Desks

These are commonly used in larger office spaces. These desks often come in multiple pieces complete with box drawers for document filing.

  • Computer Desks

Unlike executive desks, computer desks usually come in one piece. It has a work surface for a desktop computer, a couple of drawers and wire management features—ideal features for the limited space of a home office work area.

  • L-Shaped Desk

These office desks come in two parts—a return and the main desk. The main desk is larger, while the other part has a smaller surface space to serve as an additional work area. L-desks also come in different sizes and designs, which makes it a smart choice for anyone looking to have some extra desktop space in his or her office.

  • Cubicles

These desks consist of, well, cubicles. These are perfect for workstations of bigger companies, wherein employees sit and work in a large open area.

  • Corner Desks

These desks are particularly designed to be installed in the corner of an office. This is different from the L-shaped desks because the person is meant to sit in the rounded corner of the table rather than on one of the sides of the L-shaped desk.

While these are not the only materials and types of desks available in the market, they are the most popular ones we often see in many office areas. How about you, what’s your preferred type of office desk?



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