9 Types of Shoes to Wear with Maxi Dress in Winter

9 Types of Shoes to Wear with Maxi Dress in Winter

It is unquestionably a herculean task for women to choose an attractive pair of shoes to wear with a maxi dress. Well, this stylish blog will give you enormous ideas of fashionable shoes to wear with a maxi dress in winter. In this blog, I have shed light on a number of trendy shoes to style your maxi dress. The best thing is, this blog will also help you explore an assortment of shoes to wear in summer as well. So, let’s dig into the topic and discover amazing shoes to make your outfit look complete and gorgeous.

Shoes to Wear with a Maxi Dress in Winter

1)  Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots to wear with maxi dress

To style a maxi dress in winter or summer, nothing can beat wearing ankle boots. Ankle boots are probably the best pick to wear with maxi dresses in any season. Ankle boots look best and add an additional look to your long maxi dress. So, don’t think twice to buy a pair of ankle boots for a sensational look. You can find an assortment of good options in ankle boots from low ankle boots to high ankle boots. You can prefer to choose high ankle boots that stow away up into your maxi dress for a more stylish and dramatic look.

2) Combat Boots

Combat Boots

No woman can deny the fact that a pair of combat boots look adorable with a maxi dress as it provides the maxi dress with somewhat of an edge. This will give a stylish look when you blend a delicate, flowy dress with these rough boots. These are a portion of my admirable shoes by most of the ladies to wear with panther print dresses for easygoing trips.

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Either you can wear a floor touch maxi dress to hide your shoes or show off your combat shoes by wearing a little shorter maxi dress. Well, pick a couple of groovy and husky combat boots. If you have any desire to stay with a traditional look, Taos and Frye have extraordinary excellent options.

3) Minimal Heals

Minimal Heals

If you are going to a beach or on a dinner date, you can undoubtedly change your maxi into an outfit with a couple of wonderful in-style strappy shoes. Style your maxi dress with a belt if you like and you’re all set! Pick either extremely minimal heals or a multi-lash shoe. Obviously, the more occupied the print of the dress, the more unbiased and insignificant the heels ought to be!

4) Flat Sandals

Flat Sandals

Obviously, the flat sandals will give you a more sophisticated look with a maxi dress. You will surely love to wear flat shoes in winter and summer as well. It is a perfect choice while going on a beach or on a normal walk. These amazing sandals will make your entire outfit look natural, so don’t forget to wear these flip-flop flat sandals if you need a more modern look.

5) Sneakers


The ideal footwear while you’re worried and constantly thinking about what pair of shoes to wear with a long maxi dress! What’s more, the best thing is that sneakers are incredibly relaxed shoes to give a fashionable look to your long flowing dress.

You can choose any color depending upon your choice either black, white or a couple of retro kicks for the trendiest look. You can style your maxi dress in your own way for a dressy and casual outfit. This can be done by wearing a maxi dress with sneakers, a sweater and a coat as well. Matching tennis shoes with a maxi dress and jean coat is an undisputed top choice and is constantly a good idea in the Fall/Winter).

6) Platform Shoes

Platform Shoes

If you have a short height and tingling to look taller in your maxi dress, a pleasant approach to wearing them is with a trendy set of platform heels. The trend of platform heels has started in 2016. Wearing velvet heels with a maxi dress is additionally a great idea for Fall/Winter. Believe it or not but platform heels will add a strong portion of the pattern to your maxi dress outfit!

7) Loafers

Loafers to Wear with Maxi Dress in Winter

An improbable decision, but you need to believe that loafers look incredible when worn with maxi dresses. This pair of shoes can be an ideal method for integrating a long dress into your work closet. Simply add an overcoat to finish the search for a pretty preppy look. Loafers are additionally a decent decision when you don’t like to wear heels because they give an unreasonably easygoing feel.

8) Espadrilles

Espadrilles for women

Other extraordinary shoes to pair with maxi dresses in summer and winter are espadrilles. Almost every lady will love to buy espadrilles with wedge heels. You can either choose an open or shut toe variant depending upon your preference and the type of dress you want to wear.

Espadrilles are perhaps the best shoe to wear with long dresses, especially with a long, flowy cotton dress or a layered dress. A dress with a touch of frill will undoubtedly look astounding with these amazing shoes. However, you need to focus on the combination. For instance, if you are going to wear a black maxi dress, you can contrast it with a pair of cream or white espadrilles.

9) Clogs


If you want a definitive high-heeled look with your maxi dress, make sure to pick out a pair of clog shoes. Clog mules or sandals will give you a modish look and 70’s feel that is so famous right now. You won’t regret wearing clogs with a maxi dress at parties and clubs.

Final Words

In a nutshell, there are so many ways to style a maxi dress with shoes, sandals, flats and heels. However, it is wholly and solely on your preference, the type of maxi dress you are going to wear and the season. The different ways of pairing shoes with a maxi dress mentioned in this article will make you look classy and fashionable in all seasons, regardless of whether it is winder, summer or fall.


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