Taking Care Of Your Skin When You Apply Makeup Everyday

Taking Care Of Your Skin When You Apply Makeup Everyday

Makeup itself is a very therapeutic act!

We have seen individuals getting into a comfortable seat, putting on their favorite shows or some light music, and enjoying some alone time with their art. If you are a team of everyday makeup, then we welcome you to this blog.

However, it can be too much for your skin sometimes, and you should have a skincare routine that can combat the effects of makeup every day. Call it a form of rejuvenation and allow your skin to breathe pace in between all the heavy makeup.

(It doesn’t have to be heavy all the time, though!).

So, you want to take good care of your skin?

Well, you have reached the right place. In this excerpt below, we will be talking about all the healthy habits you can incorporate into your life.

Now, you can experiment with all your makeup products without having to worry about yourself breaking out from the pressure of it.

A Skin Routine For Someone Who Loves Makeup

So, all you makeup junkies here is an exclusive skin routine for you. Something which will help you take care of your skin. You can use rejuvenating and detoxifying dermatological products.

Step 1

Let us start at the beginning. You are about to leave for your work, and you need to apply makeup. Always apply makeup on a clean face. Hydrate and moisturize your face before you apply makeup, and do not forget sunscreen and setting spray.

This will protect your skin from the sun and even prevent you from sweating too much, clogging your pores.

Step 2

The next step would be to retain that makeup. Use makeup according to your skin type. If you are using a foundation for dry skin, remember throughout the day, it will ooze out oil.

So, do not opt for that option when you have oily skin. You will get special products made for acne-prone skin. If the oil build-up is getting too much, then blot them up with a tissue or makeup oil blotting pen.

Step 3

Do not try to apply anything on top of the already placed makeup. Some touch-up here and there when you power your nose is okay, but nothing more than that. It will just lead to extreme product build-up, which can clog your pores.

Step 4

Try not to keep your makeup on for more than twelve hours. The moment you return, it is time to clean that makeup off your face. This is when you are already caky, and your makeup is wearing off. No matter if the makeup claims to give your 24 hours of full coverage, the moment the 12-hour mark crosses, you take your makeup off.

Step 5

When you take off your makeup, always use the products in the following series.

– Makeup removing balm, which will melt the makeup off your face.

– Then, a foaming cleanser to get the residual makeup off your pores.

– Use exfoliator or exfoliating gloves twice or thrice a week since you are going out often with your makeup on. Exfoliating will help keep your skin smooth and refreshed, removing dead skin cells and allowing your makeup to apply more evenly.

– Use a face pack once or twice a week to rejuvenate and detox your skin from all the makeup.

Step 6

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind when you apply makeup every day.

– Try to use clean hands if and when you are using them to apply your makeup.

– Your makeup brushes accumulate a lot of bacteria and dirt, and thus you need to clean them every two days.

– Try not to use harsh makeup wipes too often, especially around your eyes. It can irritate your skin.

Also, Remember!

When we are talking about taking care of the skin, there is more to keep in mind.

– Always use a makeup product suited for your skin.

– Try not to use too cheap makeup products. These items are going on your face, and you need to invest more in them.

– Never leave your house without sunscreen, even if you are applying makeup almost every day.

– Change your pillow covers every two to three days.


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