7 Questions to Ask Your SEO Agency

7 Questions to Ask Your SEO Agency

Investing in an SEO agency, particularly one that offers outsource SEO link building services, can save you valuable money and time, freeing you up to concentrate on other essential business tasks. A good firm helps you increase your online presence, grow organic traffic to your site, and generate more sales. Here are key questions to ask to hire the right service provider for your business:

1) How Will You Improve My Ranking?

Many SEO firms use different techniques that cater to unique industries or businesses. The right SEO company should have a specific approach that suits your brand, business model, and goals.

Some companies can incorporate on-page optimization to make your website friendly to your customers. An SEO company can also assess your current site to determine the areas that need improvement. Such areas could be duplicate content, broken backlinks, and other items that can result in poor rankings.

2) How Do You Conduct Keyword Research?

Keyword research helps an agency determine the phrases your potential audience is likely to search on search engines. These can be used to optimize your content and increase your website’s ranking and traffic.

A good company should understand your customer’s intent and propose keywords that can be practically applied to your website.

3) What Is the Strategy for Backlinks?

Backlinks help the client access your site from another web directory. The links are often executed by providing high-quality content that increases online visibility in search engines. Consider an SEO company that has a plan on how you can access more meaningful backlinks.

4) How Do You Stay Up-To-Date on Google Updates and Industry Changes?

Search engines keep changing their services, from updates in algorithms to changes in their analytical features. Reading business or industry blogs or participating in business forums allows a firm to stay updated with the changes. Learning the updates can help a company monitor the properties they manage for future algorithm changes. They also help in researching possible shifts in SEO practices.

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Access to current SEO news and algorithm updates can help you avoid penalties like dropping your ranking for violating Google guidelines. Consider a company that is up-to-date with recent Google updates.

5) When Can My Site Start Seeing Results?

Effective SEO takes time and the possibility of seeing results within a short time depends on the health of your website. If your site is well-structured and free from technical problems, you’re more likely to get results within a short time. Correcting technical errors and oversights can also help you get quick results. Avoid any SEO firm that promises immediate results.

6) How Often Do You Report on Progress, and What Does It Look Like?

An SEO company should provide a customized sample report containing detailed information on measuring and reporting progress. The sample report helps you determine whether the company has a valid method for reporting its progress toward meeting your goals.

The frequency at which an SEO firm reports on progress depends on the size of the project. Some businesses can expect monthly updates, and others more frequent updates depending on the nature of their projects.

7) Can We Reach the #1 Search Ranking on Google?

This question helps you determine the quality of your SEO company. A legitimate company can’t guarantee a #1 ranking due to the following reasons:

  • Google algorithms can change anytime
  • Presence of competitors

Invest in a Reliable SEO Agency

Hiring an SEO agency can help you beat competitors and boost brand recognition. The company helps you improve your website to attract potential customers and reach your target audience, increasing your sales.

Do thorough research before hiring any SEO firm to get an ideal choice for your business. Ask your potential companies the above questions to determine their suitability.


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