6 Great Reasons to Learn Thai in Thailand

6 Great Reasons to Learn Thai in Thailand

It’s time to relax for an hour in your modest condo after a day at work. You could not be happier living and earning money in a place that you fell in love with when your parents brought you on holiday, and you told them that you wanted to live there.

Here you are, and what a success you are making of it. One of the major reasons is that you decided to learn Thai in Thailand, which you will be continuing to practice when meeting local friends for dinner. You made the effort to do so for 6 great reasons.

  1. You want to enjoy integrating and be able to chat and make friends. Your parents taught you well, and you are feeling the benefit of their wise words when they told you that making the effort and trying to speak and smile goes a long way. You are experiencing that for yourself, while other teaching colleagues stick to their little groups and don’t enjoy anywhere near as many wonderful fun times as yourself.
  2. Finding somewhere with friendly tutors that offered a student orientated curriculum with a proven track record provided you with the best opportunity to improve your skills so that you are now understood in conversation. You also decided that a good way to improve your concentration would be to follow some health goals.
  3. Before you went on the course, you knew the words that described things, but you could not put them together into sentences. It all made sense after enrolling at a company formed by a group of highly experienced and passionate teachers who understand how learning works.
  4. The flexible scheduling allowed you to fit the course around your own teaching duties with sensible monthly schedules, with repeated sessions in case you had to miss one. The location was most convenient in the centre of Bangkok, close to plenty of public transport, and in the busy tourist area, which allowed you to mix socially around your attendance. The courses are competitively priced and allow for your tight budget, as you see the outlay as an investment.
  5. Some fellow teachers at your school look at you as though you are an alien when you tell them that you are taking the course, yet you are the first they come to if they don’t understand something or need help. Your efforts have made you extremely popular with local Thai’s. You even organised a trip from school to watch the local boxing.
  6. Your social skills have improved immeasurably, with tonight being a case in point, as you have been invited to a friend’s house, to eat local food and mix with their family, with whom you’ve enjoyed some great days out embracing, enjoying, and learning about Thai culture.

Your decision to embrace Thailand fully and learn the Thai language has enriched your life, as you have a confident and happy existence, with work becoming easier and down time being fun as you integrate fully.


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