5 Things You Can Do With A Hot Glue Gun

    Hot Glue Gun

    If you know how to use a hot glue gun, then you can make many things using the same. For all the artists, the glue gun plays an essential role in their lives. It is also considered to be the best crafting tool ever made. They have been much brilliant utilization of this gun for all the artists as they can create incredible things out of it. The hot glue gun is introduced in the market for all craftsperson that can make the best use of it to create creative things.

    You should know more about the best uses of the glue gun. You can check out the things that you can make using a hot glue gun that is listed below. However, before getting to know the things that you can create, first, you must understand what these glue guns are.

    What Are These Hot Melt Glue Guns?

    You might have come across several varieties of glue; however, hot glue is something different than the others. The gun utilizes heat for melting the sticks that are made from thermoplastic.

    The glue is quite strong enough when it comes to holding small craftworks. The nature of the glue gun is mouldable. Because of this reason, it is considered to be the best glue stick that can be utilized to fix things temporarily. Here are the best things that you can make:

    1.     Making wands

    Wands make the perfect choice for the wizards. You can do it yourself by sitting at your home using hot glue. For making this craft, you will require the following things:

    • Wooden Sticks
    • Beads
    • Acrylic Paint

    You can make a wand by using the glue gun by adding the right texture into the wooden sticks, especially chopsticks. You will also have to add a handle to hold the wand firmly. You can start by attaching beads into the wood texture. Once you have completed, you can paint the entire thing with your favorite colors, making it more attractive.

    2.     Resizing Rings

    It’s quite expensive to resize rings. Hot glue can be best used to fix or resize rings temporarily. You can make a small puddle on the sheet of parchment that is used for baking. You can then dip the ring into the hot glue carefully and put it back on the sheet. As the ring dries, you can shape it as you wish.

    3.     Non-slip Hangers

    Have you experienced while walking the top of the slipper come off? It becomes quite irritating for everyone to deal with such situations. Also, it becomes annoying when you are going to hang your clothes on the hanger when it’s broken. It’s time for you to upgrade the look and fix your hangers in your wardrobe.

    You can use these hot glue sticks to fix it and enhance the appearance by adding favorite colors to the hanger. Once you have pasted the color on the hanger, you can leave to dry completely and then start using it.

    4.     Substitute for Knife Covers

    Are you facing a problem with a fixed blade knife cover? You can fix your problem of old knife cover with a hot glue gun but it needs smartness. Apply the Vaseline on the blade very carefully, and then apply the hot glue all around the blade. Remove the new cover gently after the hot glue gets dried. Wash both the things before actually using it.

    The same technique can be used for other daily use equipment such as razor, toothbrush, etc. with the use of parchment paper instead of Vaseline around the head of the tool.

    5.     Closing Shipping Boxes

    With the world depending on e-commerce platforms to shop, it has now become essential for industries to focus on packaging items using a hot glue stick. As these glue sticks offer the best seal up feature, it becomes easier for them to seal the boxes firmly. It acts as a part of packaging now and adds worth to the packaging.

    6.     Head Messaging Tool

    Keeping in mind the stressful scenario, everyone is craving a relaxing head massage. But are you worried about the head massaging tool? The only thing you need for the same is just a hot glue gun.

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    Cut apart the prongs from old whisk by using a strong pair of scissors. Apply hot glue to the sharp and blunt edges and here you go with the messaging tool. It’s a fun DIY messaging tool, especially in today’s stressful environment.

    7.     Decorating vases

    Hot glue is not only meant for sticking items in the house. You can do a lot more things with the hot glue gun. You can use these glue sticks to decorate your vases or jars in the house. You can use your creative skills to customize the vase as you like and decorate it by forming different beautiful and appealing patterns. You can seal your preferred design in the vase or jars to give it a professional look.

    The hot glue gun can be used to make an attractive design on the vases as per your innovative ideas. Make sure that lines or designs made from hot glue are thick so that they won’t break apart. You can either leave it plain or can decorate with different paint colors or glitters.


    These are some of the best things that you can do with a hot glue stick with endless uses. It serves the best option for you to decorate your house and enhance its look to a significant extent. It seems to be a simple thing but thinking its usage innovatively can completely convert it into the most unique thing. So, what are your innovative ideas regarding hot glue gun usage? Does it help you in making your task easy?


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