5 Recommendations to Complement Your Watch to Your Overall Look

5 Recommendations to Complement Your Watch to Your Overall Look

Owning a watch can be tricky. The same can be said for your choice of clothing and accessories. Watches show the kind of person you want to express yourself to.

Whether you like it or not, the watch changes the overall look. It can be seen as passing on family heirlooms through generations while knowing your status. And if you are planning to purchase one, make sure you buy within your budget. There are many timepieces to choose from. Some even prefer showing off their limited-edition watches that are rarely made these days. Either way, the presentation is always important. Once you get a watch, these five recommendations can help you upgrade your style.

1. Wear a watch that best suits you

Wearing a watch is like putting up a statement. The watch will do the talking in your style. Do not feel discouraged for not wearing a luxury watch. Each timepiece serves a specific purpose, especially on the type of watch.

Watches can range from sports watch, diver’s watch, or classic. Men and women have different preferences, which show in the design. You can buy them in your nearest watch store or online through Seiko Philippines. Assure that the timepiece you get is the one that emphasizes your personality. That way, people will get to know you better.

2. Check your watch straps

The straps can vary depending on the timepiece. Are you interested in metal, leather, or rubber? Most watches already have a strap provided as part of the design.

Sometimes, the strap can wear off faster than the timepiece itself due to wear and tear. It is why watch stores encourage their customers to customize whenever possible. Doing so gives the accessory a personalized look. If the strap you want is unavailable at the store, you can look for dedicated kiosks that sell straps exclusively.

3. Have the watch the same color as your outfit

Matching colors can give a consistent style. For example, when your watch is black, your main outfit should have the same color. The hue or shade can be different if it is the same color. Playing with various colors is the exciting part of matching. Sometimes, a difference in shade or hue can give a huge difference. You can take your time to get that perfect pairing.

4. Match your watch with your shoes

You could always pair the watch with your shoes if the watch does not compliment your outfit. It is an alternative to emphasizing where you want to show off. Most shoes are black by default, but you can do the same with brown shoes. Do not limit yourself. When in doubt, add color for more variety that goes well with your footwear.

Here are some examples: Gold goes well with shades of brown, beige, and similar down-to-earth hues. For silver, it is best paired with blue, black, gray, and of course, silver.

5. Choose the right size for your wrist

There is a good reason why watches come in various sizes. Having a heavy watch on your wrist can be harmful to you with continuous use. Not only that, each size is specified according to its case. To get the ideal size, you can measure your wrist.

It does not mean you have to follow it all the time. People may not even see you are wearing a watch, no matter the size. If you want specifics, a watch’s dial can range from 24mm to 44mm. Within those sizes, you can find which one works best.

Wrap up

Your watch, combined with your outfit, can take many trips to the mirror. Finding that ideal look can take time; it is up to you how you want it. As they say, your choice of clothing reflects who you are.


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