Event Planning and Your Target Audience: How to Get More Guests to Attend


An exciting event can attract hundreds of guests who want to spend money and have fun. Or, an event can fall short for one or more reasons, and an event planner would notice why later. To get the experience running off to a great start, event planners and their associates need to think hard about their target audience. Understanding the target audience and why it’s important is essential to getting more guests to attend.

What is an event’s target audience and why is it important?

An event planner’s target audience is the specific group of people the planner wants to attend the event. The event planner will take into consideration factors concerning music choice, location, and theme to entice more guests to attend the event. The more the event planner thinks of the target audience’s personality and behavior patterns, the more likely they’ll appeal to a wider audience. Ideally, an event should attract the target audience and, hopefully, even more.

Corporate event planning Dallas: Getting more guests to attend an upcoming event

What do most events have in common? Well, you can expect music and great food and everything to happen in an attractive location. With this information in mind, an event planner has at their disposal numerous options to get more guests to attend an event. From web design services for small businesses to social media marketing and blogging, advantages of the best event planning decisions exist. Here are three ways event planners will try and attract more guests, no matter the ideal size of the audience.

Attract guests based on musical preferences

Different types of people like different types of music for a reason. For example, those with extroverted personalities might like music that’s more fun, energizing, and intense. These personality types like loud music like rock and hip-hop because they themselves can be loud and sociable. Conversely, more introverted personalities would prefer events with quieter music like classical or soft blues or jazz. Since personality influences music preferences, event planners have to focus on choosing the best artists and performers for their respective events. Otherwise, most guests will be turned off by the sound.

Attract guests based on venue location

Whether the event will be located alongside an old country road near home or in an exotic location in Paris, location matters. Event planners once again have to consider personal and cultural differences when planning. For one, some guests may be from areas where the weather is so warm that being in a colder atmosphere would be unbearable. Event planners also have to consider how guests are able to travel and get around, as a location that’s too far away will likely lead to a smaller guest list. As long as guests favor the location, an event planner shouldn’t have too much to worry about all at once.

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Attract guests based on a unifying theme

The theme consists of an overarching idea. The big idea behind the whole event. Event planners think about the theme because the target audience may have specific interests related to the event. For example, people who grew up in the 1980s might have a great time experiencing party ideas that include a 1980s theme. Think attendants dressed in high-waisted pants and eating Good and Plenty candy. Of course, a Game of Thrones theme would feature everything fans love about the book, game, and show. Either way, the idea for an event planner is to get creative, have fun, and most importantly, think about what will bring guests back for more.

When an event planner puts together their event, they have to consider the theme, location, and musical preferences. The more event planners know about their guests’ personalities, the more likely they can influence them to attend an event, and that means more fun for everyone involved. Event planning is a fun and challenging business, and event planners should have a good time doing what they do. After all, everyone else is. These ideas will get the most motivated planners all focused on making a difference with their events.


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