What Attracts Insect Fly- Light or Something Else?

Insect Fly

Mosquitoes are the insect flies that are found everywhere. Insect Fly Catcher Machine Provider in Rajkot will talk about unique pest strategies in this guide. You will learn about mosquitoes and if these pests really get attracted to light or it is something else. 

Imagine you are in your deep sleep and all of a sudden a buzzing sound of mosquito wakes you up in the middle of the night. Irritating isn’t? Mosquitoes are those uninvited guests at your home or camping place that not just irritate you but give you red bites. You may even get sick if you get a bite from infected mosquitoes such as dengue or chikungunya. To prevent such a situation, you need a strong and effective solution that can control flies and insects at your place. 

A mosquito is the most stubborn type of fly known to humans. There are over 3500 species and three sub-families of mosquitoes – Anophelinae, Toxorhynchitinae, and calcine. The female mosquitoes feed on blood to develop her eggs. You may get virus transmission and suffer from fatal diseases. 

The proboscis helps mosquitoes to suck nectar or blood. It looks like a single tube-like snout. But when you take the same mosquito under a microscope, you will see that the mouth part is made of six parts. 

The saliva of mosquito is made of proteins that prevent the clotting of the blood. As the reaction to the bite, you get a red itchy bump on your skin. 

Does Light Attract Mosquitoes?

 During daytime, mosquitoes, and flies usually hide from direct sunlight as they can easily dehydrate and die. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t get attracted to the light. Moreover, mosquitoes are most night time bugs that use light to navigate through places. These bugs don’t see light the way we do.

Mosquitoes are attracted to CO2 as this gas is released by their hosts and thus, they find them easily. This is why major mosquito-killing` products emit CO2 to attract these bugs. 

Insect flycatcher machine has a different mechanism. It works as a bait that traps the mosquito and kills them. 

Benefits of using mosquito catcher device over sprays

Mosquito catcher machine is non-toxic to honey bees and other insects the way sprays can be. If you own a garden and require natural pollinators, mosquito catcher machines can help protect your surrounding environment. 

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There s no use of insecticide and pesticide. You are not adding any chemical to your place and your family is protected against harmful mosquitoes. 

Mosquito catcher machine is a long-term solution. These are not the repellents that require refills. 

These machines work 24X7 to control the mosquito populations by disrupting their reproductive cycle. 

There is no chance of adaptation. Usually, insects can become resistant to pesticides and insecticides over time. However, the insect fly machine with a unique mechanism, there is no way of becoming immune to the machine. 

Flycatcher machine attracts biting mosquitoes and doesn’t kill those insects that doing no harm to you. 

These machines are child and pet safe. 

You can avail of such devices from insect flycatcher machine providers in Rajkot. Connect with the desk support and get the quote for your requirement today. 


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